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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter: the Season of Saints and Hypocrites

And one hypocrite really takes the cake. How can Obama, a man who champions abortion up to birth and beyond, talk about the "least of these?" The man rivals the whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones. It would behoove him to remember that the blood of the little ones calls out to God for vengeance.

Obama: We Will Follow Jesus in 'Seeing Everyone, Especially the Least of These, As a Child of God'


Anonymous said...

Pray for this man. He needs it. Hopefully he is trying to do better. At least he has not kicked out Easter from our American traditions. Perhaps he is slowly but surely waking up. Let's hope he does before he sinks the American ship entirely.

Anonymous said...

Hopefuly he is trying to do better? Pullleeeeease. This fatherless unwanted creature who just barely made it past the abortion mill himself as the son of a promiscuous teenager and a father who couldn't keep his pants zipped -- this one who said, knowing when life begins is above his pay grade, this flimsy excuse for a man who turns his vengeance and self-loathing on other unwanteds and without hesitation, says "away with them." You think he may be trying to do better because he invokes the name of Jesus Christ? Lord have mercy on us all. We are a lost humanity.

Anonymous said...

Well, Anonymous, regarding my post yesterday at 3:37 AM, I certainly did not vote for this man because of his stand on abortion among other things, including lack of experience. All I meant is now that we have him all we can do is pray somehow he has a change of heart on abortion, the marriage issue, putting in radical socialism and his disastrous foreign police. We can hope and pray for our kind of change, but it is very doubtful that he will be the one who will give it to us. Prayer might not change him, but God might intervene in an unexpected way. Who knows?