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Monday, March 25, 2013

Starbucks Doesn't Want Your Money If You're a Person of Faith... don't give it to them for heaven's sake! Read the article and CEO Howard Schultz's comments here.

If everybody who has traditional values stops buying their over-priced lattes, maybe they'll change their tune. But apparently Schultz is so sure of the way the world is going, he isn't worried. And in view of the growing approval of homosexual sodomy masquerading as marriage, maybe his optimism isn't surprising. But don't despair.

But those of us who believe in God and in God's moral laws choose God over Mammon no matter what the outcome. So Catholics and other people of faith, stop feeding idols! Let's encourage Chick fil A to add coffee drinks to the menu. Give us a choice, Mr. Cathy! And if your only choice is giving up lattes, offer it up for an end to sins of lust!

1 comment:

Chudah said...

Bleah, I never liked Starbucks in the first place. It's way overpriced for coffee that tastes burnt! No thank you.

I have been frequently Chik-Fil-A a lot more often, though. They have the best, friendliest customer service and the food is ready so fast. I really wish it wasn't a half hour away otherwise I'd eat there every week! Though on my diet, that probably wouldn't be a very good thing. ;)