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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Interesting Article in Chronicles

I'm reading the March issue of Chronicles and it's filled with interesting articles that set me thinking. And every now and then I come across a quote that is too good not to share. In an article titled Muslim Murder in London, author Christie Davies discusses the horrendous, cold-blooded killing of Lee Rigby. The off-duty British soldier who was wearing civilian clothing was run down by two Muslims then repeatedly stabbed and finally nearly decapitated with a machete while his attackers shouted "Allahu akbar!" It was a one more gruesome illustration from the "religion of peace." Davies points out that:
No one in power in Britain is willing to challenge this absurd proposition by citing the numerous hateful verses from the Koran in favor of violence and oppression....What makes life tolerable in Britain is that most of our large Muslim population are indifferent Muslims. They prefer leading a quiet British bourgeois life of work, domesticity, and the pursuit of happiness to answering the jihadists' serious call to a devout, holy, and violent Muslim life.
But the quote that really caught my attention was in the elipsis:
The problem with Christians is that they do not live up to the example set by their Founder; the problem with Muslims is that they do.
Which leads one to conclude that the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim. Now if only we could influence some of those bad Muslims to adopt the true religion of peace since, happily, they are not following the false one.

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