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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skip Noah and Its Evil, Pagan Agenda!

I don't plan to see Noah. I don't relish giving money to a Hollywood that mocks Christians and often produces films that lie about our beliefs. The day of the biblical blockbuster that respected Christians even while embelishing the story, The Ten Commandments leaps to mind, is long gone. The cynical view says producers mostly respected our pocketbooks, but at least our values weren't undermined, ridiculed, and distorted.

 I saw The Ten Commandments as a child  (and later Ben Hur) on school field trips and remember well the excitement and the spellbinding impact of seeing them on the big screen. But there's apparently little biblical truth in the current Noah film and a large dose of liberal agenda. Check out this review about Noah pushing evolution and black magic and this one calling the movie "disgusting and evil paganism." Here's how reviewer Ken Ham puts it:
Do you really want your family to see a pagan movie that has Noah as some psychopath who says if his daughter-in-law’s baby is a girl, he will kill it as soon as it’s born. And then when two girls are born, bloodstained Noah (the man the Bible calls righteous Noah-Genesis 7:1), brings a knife down to one of the baby’s heads to kill it and at the last minute doesn’t do it-and then a bit later says he failed because he didn’t kill the babies. How can we recommend this movie and then speak against abortion! Psychopathic Noah sees humans as a blight on the planet and wants to rid the world of people.
Yup, Hollywood couldn't resist giving their favorite sacrament and the culture of death in general a biblical blessing no matter how much they had to twist Genesis to do it. I saw The Ten Commandments as a pre-teen. Would you want to take even a teenager to see this monstrous film?

My recommendation on Noah? Watch the episode in The Bible with John Houston depicting the patriarch. His portrayal of Noah hearing the voice of God reminds me of Bill Cosby's hilarious routine as Noah takes shelter in his workshop and peeps out the door, awe and reverence in his face. In my opinion it's the best part of the film. Here's the scene as the animals load onto the ark with Noah as a sort of zoological Pied Piper.It's charming. I doubt anyone will say that about Hollywood's latest Noah. Anybody with sense would have pushed him off the ark.

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