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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Of Course Children are Safer with the LGBT Crowd than with Normal Families -- NOT!

3 children found starving, 1 chained to floor in California home

It never fails to amaze me that people actually propose that children are safer with homosexuals than with normal families. That's actually what a former safe-touch chairman in our diocese said several years ago at a meeting for CCD directors. She had an infant and I prayed she never actually left her baby with the local homosexual babysitter. Do I think all homosexuals are child molesters? Of course not. But there is a higher statistical probability of it. Pray for the poor little victims of these sick women. And for that matter, pray for them too. They sure need it! 


Devlin O'Connor said...

Oh Maryann...and the children were much safer in these families were they not?


or this lovely straight married couple:

And this story, while not about child abuse,(though the two adult children will have emotional scars for life from this) hits close to home as they are in my neighborhood and they were shining examples of the "perfect," church going family:

So cherry pick all you want to fit your narrative and your world view, but evil comes in all forms, gay and straight.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't disagree that evil comes in all forms, Devlin, but these stories don't change the fact that statistics show that children are safest in an intact biological or adoptive family. Neither do your examples say anything at all about the validity of my post. The fact that I didn't address every abusive situation in no way invalidates the reality that those in disordered, sinful situations do not make model parents. You can say the same about single moms shacking up whose boyfriends abuse their non-biological children. And it's instructive that your first two examples involve dads living with girlfriends who aren't the moms of their children.

So I repeat: statistics show that children are safest in intact biological/adoptive homes where the mothers are mothers and the fathers are fathers and the children are biological children or adopted into a traditional family where the parents have always been married to each other and stay married.

There are plenty of studies about the relative advantage of those raised in traditional families. Here's just one example:

There is less data about same-sex families because it's a relatively recent phenomenon involving smaller numbers. But some raised in these homes are beginning to speak out about the abusive nature of the very structure of the family itself.

Children need both a mom and a dad who love each other and stay married. It goes without saying that not everyone who fails to live up to that standard will abuse their children physically, but in a very real sense unless the reason for separation is serious indeed, the children will always suffer. Those who deny that are living in a dream world. And same-sex families, by their very nature, are emotionally and psychologically abusive because they deliberately deny the child either a mom or a dad.