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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Diabolical, Dissident Nuns

Dissident nuns take stand in favor of HHS abortifacient mandate

Just what we need in the Church, eh? Nuns shilling for the murder of the innocent? That's what NCAN (National Coalition of American Nuns) is all about as well as contraception, homosexuality, and lots of other moral evils. Shocking, eh? Except that it's become so common.

Remember when nuns were in the classroom teaching little ones to read? What a difference a few decades makes! Now they're out teaching families to kill their children and encourage the survivors to screw anything in sight with abandon. There's a phrase for the attitude of these nuns. It's called diabolical disorientation. To see just how diabolically disoriented read about Sr. Donna Quinn, head of NCAN who declared the papal election of Pope Francis invalid because no women were "involved in the process." Read more about a woman who is all-too-typical of today's dissenting nuns who, by the way, are egged on by clerics like Fr. James Martin, S.J. God help our poor Church with people like this claiming to be believers.

CNN Hosts Radical Nun

The Scandal of Sr. Donna Quinn


Philip said...

What ever happened to Rome's investigation of the various nuns' religious orders in the USA? Just another white wash?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Good question....This is one of the most recent articles I could find, but has there been any real change in the direction of these rebels?