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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Equal Time for a Scandalous Catholic College...

If you read my previous post about feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara, you no doubt noted the fixation of "feminist studies" with sex, porn, and prostitution. But, hey, I don't want to just pick on the secular institutions when Catholic universities are so busy competing. Here's an article about Georgetown with a few chosen paragraphs following. What a way for a so-called Catholic school to prepare for Lent, eh?

Georgetown University student group hosts ‘Sex Positive Week’ with erotic dancing instruction

Director of Student Activities?
And now...some of the highlights. Note the "clever" double entendre in the first line. Isn't that precious, as Gollum would say?
“Bring Your Semester to A Climax with Sex Positive Week," states the United Feminists’ Facebook page which encouraged students to take part in the week of activities. “Beginning this Hump Day, February 26th, until next Hump Day, March 5th, we will be celebrating Sex-Positive Week!”
The week was scheduled to begin with a social media campaign with twitter hash tags including “#HoyaSexa and #SexPositive.” They requested that “all graphic visuals [be] rated between PG-13 and R.”On March 1, the group invited students to take part in a “Pole Fitness Class!!!” at a nearby fitness establishment with “three programs to get you on your way to being Flirtyfied” including Pole Intro, Pole Level One, and an eight-week Pole Intro class.
On March 4, the campus was to host a documentary about “feminists” who work as prostitutes, dominatrixes, exotic dancers, and in the pornography industry.
Pray for Georgetown and her administrators. There is little about the school that is recognizably Catholic at this point. In fact, the smell of sulphur grows stronger and stronger. Pray that alumnus William Peter Blatty's petition to the Vatican is heard and Georgetown is either cleaned up or identified as no longer Catholic. Georgetown's numerous scandals put at serious risk the faith of youngsters who go there. 

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