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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Liberals Obviously Don't Own Small Businesses

Liberals are accusing Matt Drudge of lying because he discussed paying the opt-out Obamacare tax which is in place for 2014. "Hey, that's not due until tax day in 2015," they said. Which once again shows how little liberals know about real work.

As a small business owner, Drudge and his self-employed brethren pay estimated taxes quarterly during the year, hence they are already paying taxes covering the first quarter of 2014. That the liberal ignoramuses don't get it makes it obvious none of them ever ran a small business and couldn't be bothered doing any research or fact-checking.

What's particularly offensive is that, even after being corrected, the liberals are still accusing Drudge of lying. So who are the liars among us? If you make a mistake that defames another, you have an obligation to correct it. Once you realize that what you said was incorrect and untrue, to continue to restate the falsehood becomes an act of slander, i.e., a lie that hurts another's reputation. An honest liberal would "fes up," admit his mistake, and apologize. Unfortunately, in most cases "honest liberal" is an oxymoron. They tend to be Alinskyite true believers who think the end justifies the means and, if you just keep repeating a lie, many people will believe it. And if your target happens to be somebody with whom you disagree politically or morally, hey you are justified in trashing his reputation no matter how many lies you have to tell!

You can read the article that got me pondering on this by going here.

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