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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stay Away from Boston Children's Hospital

The Justina Pelletier story should strike fear in the heart of every parent and grandparent in the country. It shows that a child can be kidnapped by the state merely because parents choose of course of medical treatment advised by well-regarded medical experts that another doctor disputes. The irony that the Pelletier nightmare began with a recently graduated medical resident is shocking! His opinion in the ER that all Justina's symptoms were in her head, put there by her parents, began this horror story. And now, a doctor is warning parents to never take their children to BCH. Because the same thing could happen to anyone who ends up in a dispute over treatment options. Read this important update from Liberty Counsel and then I hope you'll join me by contributing to their work.

Doctor Warns Parents to Protect Their Rights, Stay Away from Hospitals Like BCH

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