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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Loyola Marymount: Flipping Off the Faith!

Finalists for Loyola Marymount dean both worked at Planned Parenthood

Jesuit universities, sadly, are all too predictable when it comes to flipping off the faith. That LMU would choose two candidates immersed in the culture of death as finalists for dean is horrifying but not surprising. Why would Catholic parents shell out $40,000+ per year to have their children scandalized and their faith undermined? Many probably aren't. Lots of Catholic schools these days have watered down the faith to pacify the large number of secular students in their ranks. But why would any parents want to promote the garbage at LMU? All parents who underwrite this school need their heads examined. And if you need more evidence of LMU's apostasy check out these links:

Presentation of 8, a play promoting same-sex "marriage" (N.B. read more about "8" which centers on the overturning of Proposition 8 in California, the law that protected traditional marriage. The play is sponsored by homosexual activist organizations.)

2008 Art Exhibit on "Dissent" The artilce on the LMU website described it thus:
Certain works in the show examine gender issues and question mainstream media’s relentless reinforcement of rigid ideas of what it means to be masculine or feminine. Other pieces call for Black empowerment or challenge the many labels—ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality—used to pigeonhole people in our society today.(Is it any wonder Catholics mirror their secular brethren on issues like same sex "marriage" and "gender issues?")
Fr. Thomas Rausch, Professor of Theology at LMU. 

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