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Monday, March 31, 2014

Margaret Sanger and the Myth that She Opposed Abortion

We've all heard it over and over from the mouth of Bill Clinton. "I want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare." Right! Does anyone believe that? The Clintons, the Obamas, and almost every other liberal politician never saw a means of abortion, including pulling a baby halfway out of the body and stabbing a scissors into his neck and sucking out his brains, that he couldn't support. Liberals lie!

Margaret Sanger was a liar extraordinaire. She lied about being a nurse. She let many of her associates take the hard road of jail while she escaped to England to play footsie with a series of lovers. She was a savvy publicist and knew that abortion wasn't acceptable to most women. It was the same lie that PP has carried on since the beginning. "It's not killing....It's just a blob of cells....There's no baby there...." etc., ad nauseum. But from the earliest days Sanger was giving instructions on how to self abort. In her pamphlet Family Limitation published between 1914 and 1917 she gave instructions on how to self abort. Since fertilization of the ovum was well understood by then, it's hard to believe Sanger didn't know that she was recommending the expulsion of a very early pregnancy. All her statements to the contrary, in my opinion, were about her reputation and her emphasis on "birth control." After all, she was already in direct conflict with the Catholic Church, her greatest enemy. She needed to put a wedge between women and their priests. Abortion was too big a fight to take on.

Here's what she says in Family Limitation after giving instructions on methods for bringing on your period. "By taking the above precautions, you prevent the ovum from making its nest in the lining of the womb."

Sanger was no fool. The same woman who said the best thing the large family could do was kill its offspring, was delighted to see early abortion used as a method of family planning.

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