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Monday, March 3, 2014

Bishop Bans Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) at Fisher More College

BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Bans Fisher More College from offering Traditional Latin Mass to students
The students of Fisher More College recently raised $300,000 for their alma mater to prevent its closure due to financial constraints. In a time when many Catholic schools offer the lewd V-Monologues every February and celebrate "pride" proms and offer queer movie festivals, Fisher More offers students the beauty of Gregorian Chant and the Mass of the ages. Young people come from across the U.S. to attend this small Catholic college.

Why Bishop Michael Olson's draconian assault on this faithful little Catholic school?
We thought the fight over the TLM was resolved by Pope Benedict's release of Summorum Pontificum. And now, here controversy crops up again with an antagonistic bishop wielding his authority like Cardinal Wolsey to crush Fisher More. The school without the traditional Mass loses a major reason for its creation.

I have no axe to grind in this matter. I almost always attend the Novus Ordo although I would gladly attend a TLM if one were available in my parish. In fact, at our Sunday coffee this week another parishioner and I were lamenting the bad music (Not Marty Haugan again!) and the lack of even a minute of silence from start to finish of the Mass. The sung Gloria is a version that glorifies, not God, but the cantor and the people are relegated to being an echo. We used to sing the Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Latin, but they've been relegated to the ash heap in favor of modernist versions in English. I don't hold the organist totally responsible since she is young and, no doubt, brought up with this drivel. But, not only do we suffer the bad music, the organist and choir laugh and converse in the back of the church before and after Mass while people are TRYING to pray. It is a problem not generally seen at TLM liturgies.

Be sure to read the bishop's letter at Rorate and the critique from the Canon Law Center. Here's Fr. Z's take on this macabre situation.

UPDATE: Scroll down to see Fr. Z's updates on the Fisher More situation. It seems there is always more to a story and I may have jumped the gun in my criticism of the bishop. Stay tuned to see how this story develops. I respect Taylor Marshall and the fact that he resigned as Chancellor doesn't speak well for things at Fisher More. There is lots more about what happened here at the Veneremur blog. Pray for the school which appears to be on the way to collapse which is a shame. We need good, solid, orthodox institutions. Sadly, Fisher More may not be one. Whether you tip the ship over from starboard or port, the end result is that everybody is dumped into the sea. Please pray for all involved in this sad situation. It reflects the chaos in the Church.


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*Statement from Fisher More College President Michael King re: Dr. Taylor Marshall