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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Archbishop Cordileone Is Greeted Like a Rock Star

While his enemies, like the Queen of Hearts, call "off with his head," Archbishop Cordileone's supporters gathered at a family picnic recently to celebrate his strong leadership and courage.

Hundreds Attend Picnic

Despite the overcast day, hundreds came out to greet the archbishop, receive his blessing, ask for his autograph, and have him bless their rosaries. San Francisco Catholics organized the event that drew people not only from the archdiocese but as far away as southern California.

Pray for Archbishop Cordileone who is among the few and the brave in the hierarchy. If there were a Church special battalion, he would be its commandant.

Thank you, Archbishop Cordileone, for your faithful leadership and thank you, San Francisco Catholics, for organizing the support event. Where the shepherd is, the sheep will gather.


Elizabeth said...

That does my heart good to see that. God bless him and keep him strong. The heart of a lion. He's exactly what that Archdiocese needed. The one thing that'd thrill me to no end is to see him start wearing the cassock!

Anonymous said...

San Francisco Catholics love Abp. Cordileone. He has come home here, in the City by the Bay. This is where his family started, as fishermen in North Beach.

"At Your Word [Lord, I will lower the net."] Abp. Cordileone's motto echoes the words of St. Peter when Our Lord ordered him to again lower the net, despite not having caught a single fish during the night's fishing expedition. Abp. Cordileone has lowered the net. Those who don't want to get caught in the draught should just jump off the net, leave SF Catholics alone and leave the Church.

Please continue supporting Abp. Cordileone with your prayers. His enemies may be moneyed and powerful, but the Lord and His Blessed Mother are on his side.

Thank you, Mary Ann, for this beautiful blog.

Bernie said...

The head of the Catholic Diocese of San Francisco is Archb SALVATORE CORDELEONE.His name means
"the heart of a lion" and he is living up to his name in spades.He is making sure that his diocese stays orthodox to the Catholic faith. And he is getting opposition from the people in his own diocese.But he is
standing firm for the faith.Those that are opposing him had a petition that they sent to the pope.In this petition they used the dumb quote used by the pope himself:"Who am I to judge".We can judge any overt speech or
actions.We cannot judge what's in a persons mind,heart,or soul.But we judge overt actions like homosexual
acts of sodomy that we see being committed,or speech that proclaims pride in committing acts of sodomy.


The lion hearted Godfather of San Francisco SALVATORE CORDELEONE is following the good
example of another lion hearted bishop--Bishop von Galen "The Lion Of Munster" of Munster,Germany.
During the Nazi pagan period in Germany Bishop von Galen spoke out against Nazi programs and policies.
This was during the period of Gestopo concentration and death camps.The Gestopo sent word to him that if he didn't shut up they were going to come and get him.
His reply was--"Let them come and I will meet them on the cathedral steps IN FULL REGALIA"
If only more bishops had that fortitude and guts in the Catholic church today.

Bishop August von Galen Spoke Out *****