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Monday, May 18, 2015

Contraception: The Deadly Compromise between Politics and the Pro-Life Movement

I remember forty years ago when National Right to Life (NRLC) wouldn't say one word about contraception. Thinking with the world's mind, the leaders did not want to rock the boat and risk losing Protestant support. They also wouldn't cover the rescue movement. That's one reason a friend of mine, who was the editor of NRLC News in the late 70s, quit. The powers that be tied his hands and censored the news. That's why I've never contributed a cent to NRLC. They just don't get it.

The first comment to this Vortex from "Old Man in Ohio" is a sobering one:

We lost the battle for sexual morality when most clergy ignored or explained away humanae vitae. We lost the battle for marriage when we said nothing upon the institution of no-fault divorce and started granting easy annulments. We lost the battle for families when we looked the other way when folks who were cohabiting presented themselves for marriage in the Church. We lost the battle for sanctity when we lost the sense of sin because priests stopped preaching about the Sacrament of Confession. We lost the battle for reverence in our churches when we fought for and received the indult for Communion in the hand, ripped out the Communion rails and set up a choir stage in front complete with drums, guitars and banjos. 
Full recovery in any of these areas is impossible. All that can be hoped for is a faithful remnant to carry on when this house of cards finishes it's complete collapse which is already under way. 
How will we carry on 20 years from now, when there are only a few hundred priests left in the whole country. Even less in Europe? Will the African and Asian Churches send missionaries to save us?
I hope "Old Man" is wrong about this bleak picture, althoug I fear he is pretty much on target. But God will not abandon us. Perhaps it will be Third World missionaries challenging us to revival as he suggests, but. whatever happens, part of the solution is personal holiness. If I walk in the footsteps of Jesus, accepting my sufferings, praying and fasting, saying the daily rosary with devotion, zealous for souls...I become part of the solution. When my husband and I together work for the sanctification of each other and our children and their families...we become part of the solution. When our families model the Holy Family and become salt and yeast to a tasteless and flat society...we become part of the solution.

Certainly our society is resembling more and more the evil culture of the first century with its human sacrifice and pagan idol worship. But that culture was transformed by Christianity. If we become the Christians we should be, ready to accept even martyrdom for the Kingdom, we can be a solution.

"Fear is useless; what's needed is trust." As the angel Raphael said to Tobit who was near despair in his blindness, "Take courage, before long God will heal you." (Tobit 5:10)  Our blind culture cannot defeat the goodness and mercy of God. Let us continue to pray for deliverance and keep our eyes focused on Jesus!

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