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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The War on the Holy Trinity

By Fr. Tom Collins

As we approach the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, we need to recognize the harsh reality that those who allege the Church's teachings on modesty, chastity and marital fidelity as part of a great "war on women" are themselves engaged in an unholy war on the Holy Trinity. I dare say that this is one reason why they are so willing to enter into an unholy alliance with radical Islamists, who attack
the Christian teaching on the Holy Trinity as a form of pagan polytheism. Only by desecrating this most sacred mystery can the Culture of Desecration and Death be successful in destroying people's appreciation of their authentic God-given dignity as human beings.
We see this in reference to God the Father. The reverence expressed in the prayer, "Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name", is now widely rejected by our society, as it evolves more rapidly into the depths of depravity and perversion. So often, our popular media portrays fathers not as noble and resilient role models, but as bumbling buffoons. Our government increasingly subsidizes single mothers, while placing heavier tax burdens and regulations on those committed to integral
marriage and family life. And political partisans condemn as either "intolerant" or "tyrannical" and men who take their paternal responsibilities seriously by nurturing an appreciation of virtue in their families.
The war on the Holy Trinity is also being waged on God the Son. For over half a century now, we have been seduced by the powers-that-be in our nation to view children as a burden. They urge us to consider a baby in the womb not as a sacred blessing or as a fruit of covenantal love, but rather as a punishment for not practicing "safe sex". They arrogantly assert that no pre-born child should have the right to live. They teach our children that their very existence as human beings is contributing to the destruction of the earth's environment. Our children are thus given the impression that they are
merely a perverted part of a serious and destructive "pop-pollution problem". Thus, if children are to be considered as a curse that inhibits people from experiencing the thrills of irresponsible sexual promiscuity, the original Son of the Father, and His teachings concerning the sacred dignity of our humanity, also comes to be considered as a curse.
And the Holy Spirit does not escape the contempt of the politically powerful and their swooning supporters. The wisdom graciously offered to humanity by the Spirit is widely rejected. We are told that objective virtues offered through the Holy Spirit are too rigid. They allegedly need to be replaced with a new morality based on subjective values and the ever-evolving demands of political correctness. And they allege that wisdom itself needs to be redefined. Instead of being rooted in objective truth and sold moral standards, wisdom is now redefined and extolled as a sophisticated ability to blur people's appreciation of truth and reason. Thus good and evil are to be determined by appealing to the intensity of emotional appeal and the popularization of catchy clichés.
Sadly, many Christians have allowed themselves to be seduced into giving their allegiance to this unholy alliance waging its diabolical war on the Holy Trinity. And, at this critical moment, it looks like God, in His mercy, will only be able to bring us back to our senses by bringing us to our knees. As so many have freely rejected the One who is pure gracious and regenerative Integrity, they have, in the process, invited into the world the diabolical disintegration of war, disaster, disease, famine and financial ruin. Choices have consequences. Each of us must choose. Are we to commit ourselves to the sanctifying alliance of gracious and integral love offered through reverent and humble communion with the Holy Trinity? Or are we to continue to capitulate to the demands of the unholy alliance against the Most Holy Trinity? 

Choose wisely. For your decision will have eternal consequences both for yourself and your loved

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