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Friday, May 22, 2015

Remember when the Boy Scouts said changing their policy wouldn't involve gay scout leaders?

Well that was then.

Boy Scouts President Robert Gates Calls for End of Ban on Gay Troop Leaders

The new policy is coming quicker than you can say Jack Robinson. In effect gay scout leaders are now permitted since Gates says he will not revoke the charter of troops that allow homosexuals leaders. 

Any parents who leave their sons in the Boy Scouts are insane. Homosexuals represent about 3% of the population; they commit about thirty percent of child sex abuse. Not every homosexual is an abuser, but those who are look for opportunities to be around children -- especially without the supervision of their parents. Check out this article: 

My husband and I were camping last weekend in Gettysburg. Two scout troops were camping there as well with several dozen tents set up -- lots of young boys, an ephebophile's dream.

 Thirty-eight percent of children identifying as gay were victims of sex abuse. Homosexuals aren't born; they're made. There is no evidence of a "born that way" gene. It's all about recruitment and gay/straight alliance clubs, homosexual education, etc. are all opening children to perverted sexual experimentation. Our culture actively cooperates to train youngsters to be heterosexually and homosexually active or both. 

God made us male and female. Any claim otherwise is straight out of the mouth of the deceiver. Those who are same-sex attractive need our love, but they also need the truth about chastity. Hell is forever.


Anonymous said...

Time to grow up, Mary Ann.

- Dutch

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


newguy40 said...

Anon means for you and I to bow to the Prince of the World, Mary Ann.

I think you and I both know the answer to both Anon and the Prince of the World, don't we, Mary Ann?


My local ordinary let a bunch of protestors on church property to protest the beatification of Fr Serra. I'm waiting for his answer as to the necessity of that act.
My answer to these folks was shall we say less cordial...

I hope that you have grace and blessing filled memorial day week ened.

Anonymous said...

Do not pay attention to Dutch Mary Ann as one reason some men are practicing homosexuals is that they do not want to grow up and take the responsibility of raising a family. That would be just too hard. Can any grown man who calls himself "gay" be taken for real?

Robert Simms said...

The Poster-child of those attempting to promote homosexuality in scouting is a young man named Pascal Tessier. Upon reading about Tessier, I discovered that I actually know his mother - I knew her and her family quite well when she and I were in high school in a small town in Georgia. She moved out of state and we lost touch with each other until the days of Facebook.
It did not surprise me to learn that both of her sons are openly homosexual - and not because they were "born that way". Knowing her radical feminism, I know the type of man she would marry and the type of sons she would raise. The boys are "gay" due to the political world view of their parents.....not because of biology.