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Monday, May 4, 2015

Beware of Scientific Fraud

Love of money is the root of all evils and there is plenty of evidence out there that some scientists are willing to lie and falsify data in order to get grants and make a name. One University of Florida (now retired) con man is Nasser Chegini who received four million in federal dollars and provided fraudulent data in return on a paper that's now been retracted. But it isn't just one paper for Chegini. He's had EIGHT retracted papers.

Oh, you say, he's just an isolated renegade. Hardly!
Check out the Retraction Watch website and see all the researchers having papers withdrawn because they include tampered data or altered protocols. Just think -- when scientists are falsifying research results it affects all kinds of health issues. Here's a story relating to the involvement of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in vaccine fraud.  It indicates that the CDC lied about the possible link between mercury containing MMR vaccines and autism.

Is it any wonder that people mistrust the scientific community?

I invite you to ponder how accurate data on "climate change" (previously "global warming") really is. There is a tremendous amount of money in grants to prevent "disasters" that are often manufactured in the minds of those with something to gain. (Here's one scientist's perspective on scientific fraud.) Paul Ehrlich predicted back in the 60s that we would all be starving today because of the "population bomb." Instead, the West is in demographic free fall.

Beware of accepting the Chicken Little pronouncements of scientists with their hands out for Uncle Sam's millions. It may just be that they are more interested in feathering their research nests than in helping humanity. And if they have to lie to get the bucks...oh well.

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priestdf said...

Well well! And what is your American Dollar and Federal Reserve only a fraud. Examine the occult imagery on the back. Novus Ordo. Mmmm..Now where did we here that before? Bringing unholy order from holy order no less.Poor America - the most abused country on the planet.