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Monday, May 11, 2015

Judge in the Netherland Offs Granny with Dementia

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Dutch judge rules dementia patient must be euthanised
It's obviously a capitol crime these days to have dementia or Alzheimer's - such a crime that a judge can order execution based on little more than his own opinion and family members claiming the patient has a "death wish." The woman had no advance directive and those caring for her resisted the decision to no avail. In the Netherlands killing helpless people is becoming the "default" mode according to  Theo Boer, a Dutch academic.

Well, the pro-life community said euthanasia would follow legalizing the murder of unborn babies. When you can kill a healthy little infant in the womb who has unlimited potential why not kill a "useless" old 80-year-old lady with no potential at all? Who needs a legal document saying she wanted that? The family wants to be rid of the trouble (and expense) of her care. So it's time to off Granny before all her money is spent and there's nothing left to divvy up among the kids.

Of course, what the kids apparently aren't considering is that there will be hell to pay! There is nothing Granny has that make her killing pay off in the long run!

This feels very personal to me today. Several times a month I visit and take Communion to several dementia patients at a local nursing home. Sometimes they remember me and sometimes they don't, but they are always dear. If I bring my grandchildren they are full of smiles and compliments and want to hug and touch them. How sad to think that some consider these people to have lives not worth living.

Where have we heard that expression before? And where did that philosophy lead the country that propounded it? You can get that answer in a thought-provoking book by Frederic Wertham, M.D. called A Sign for Cain. He describes the mass killing of mental patients under the German euthanasia program sometimes called T4. The first gas chambers were erected, not at the concentration camps, but in the sterile environment of psychiatric hospitals.

Here's what Wertham says about the program:
The greatest mistake we can make is to assume or believer that there was a morally , medically, or socially legitimate program and that all that was wrong was merely the excesses. There were no excesses. Rarely has a civil social action been planned, organized, and carried through with such precision. 
And these murders are being carried through with the same precision today. We know where it will end because we've been there before. Pray for those who kill the innocent. It is a crime that cries out to God for vengeance!


Anonymous said...

I had a professor, Fr. John Powell, from Loyola University in Chicago. He wrote in 1973, "A contraceptive society becomes an abortive society which then becomes a euthanasitic society." Sadly, he was so correct in his predictions.

Lourdesman said...

My last communication with you. You may or may not know that, as Catholics we are commanded to make two attempts to correct the heretic. After that we treat them as anathema - like the heathen and the publican. Your Vatican "popes" are the enemies of all human souls of every religion and none. They are the ultimate anti-lifes. They deprive people of this life and eternal life if you would bother to check. They also detest the Immaculate Conception - Our Lady of Lourdes for the very reason that she is immaculate.
In fifty years they have almost totally eliminated devotion to her and her one and only faith that leads to life.
You do not have to read much of my blog. Just the opening lines should be enough to get you thinking seriously.
These enemies already fulfill the warning she gave us at La Salette, 12 years before she came to Lourdes. "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.

newguy40 said...

You know, I don't know which group is worse. The heterodox side who deletes your posts on their sites 'cuz they don't want to see or hear disagreement or this fellah above me who breathes "anathema".

There was an on line article from a Maryknoll priest who claimed, scripturally, that Jesus never required penance/change of heart from a sinner before He forgave them. I posted, what I thought, was a question on how this applied to Luke's prodigal son parable and it got almost immediately removed.

Now this fellah above... Have you clicked on his site? Wow. harsh and unattractive and well... no wonder no one comments on his few posts er.... screeds. Very Dan Brown-ish if you take my meaning...

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I did visit his site and I agree with you. He has no problem condemning all the pope in the 20th century and declaring them all heretics. One wonders if he considers himself infallible in these judgments. Apparently so from his comments. He has left comments on a number of my posts and they all have the same tone.