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Thursday, July 26, 2018

And Another Reason to Ditch Netflix!

Lucy Maud Montgomery did NOT make Aunt
Aunt Jo a lesbian, leave that depravity to NETFLIX!
I love Anne of Green Gables. When I read this article it made me hopping mad!

NETFLIX injects lesbian character in children's story

How dare they pollute an author's works with their depraved imaginations. There is absolutely nothing in the Anne of Green Gables series that Aunt Jo is a lesbian.

Aunt Jo is a delightfully opinionated old lady who brooks no fools. I think she would be irate, and rightly so, over NETFLIX taking the liberty to tarnish her good name. She would certainly not be a liberal!

There have been spinsters throughout history and speculating about a fictional character's lesbianism  is sick, particularly when the author is a Christian, the wife of a Presbyterian minister who thought being a wife and mother was the most important work a woman could do.

If you haven't dumped NETFLIX why not?

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