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Friday, July 6, 2018

Never Trumpers: Lost and Gone Forever and Good Riddance!

I'm a big Pat Buchanan fan. He reflects common sense and moral politics. I hope he's right about the "Never Trumpers Never Coming Back." Let's pray they are all history!

As Buchanan says:

 "...the elites who were in charge when the fire broke out, and who failed to respond and refused even to recognize it, and who now denounce Trump for how he is coping with it, are unlikely to be called upon again to lead this republic."

Thanks be to God and pray that he's correct!

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Via E-mail
Great article. Sadly the prophetic wisdom of Pat Buchanan, which, if carefully considered, could
have saved trillions of dollars and over a million lives (and possibly billions of lives through the
avoidance of total war – atomic, biological, chemical and digital), is still rejected as extremist. Over
two decades ago, he warned of the dangers of the massive illegal infiltration of our nation by jihadists,
drug lords, human traffickers, gangs such as MS-13, and those arrogantly demanding that we reward
their illegal infiltration by providing them with unlimited free housing, medical care, food, education –
and even voting rights.
It is also sad to see how many of our bishops seem to oppose the careful vetting of those
infiltrating our nation. We are apparently to believe that no woman infiltrating into America could
possibly be involved in the trafficking of the young children with her. Instead, while requiring that
every woman in our congregations working with our youth be held under continual scrutiny as
being a potential child molester or trafficker, they insist that children being trafficked into our
country be handed over to the custody of any woman claiming to be their mother. The vetting of
such women in order to ensure the safety of the children is apparently to be considered as cruel,
racist and xenophobic.
As some Church leaders continue to support the smuggling of children across our borders, we
are apparently to accept the idea that it is better for some people to pay $3,000 to a coyote
(i.e., human trafficker) to attempt to illegally enter our country than to pay a $3,000 fee to begin
the legal process of migrating into America.
They overlook the fact that not only wolves can decimate and destroy a flock. Coyotes can as well.
But if expediency and the leaders of the Democratic Party demand that Church leaders turn a blind
eye to some forms of the human trafficking of children, just as for decades they did to the sexual abuse
of children by some clergy, I guess some bishops still seem to be more than willing to accommodate
Sadly, it will not be the first or last time that the high priests demanded that innocence and truth
be slandered and crucified for the sake of expediency.
God save us – and God save the children!
Fr. Tom (Collins)