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Monday, July 23, 2018

#WalkAway Founder Refused Service at Electronics Store -- #Pray4BrandonStraka

Watching this young man over the past few weeks has been interesting. He could be just using this as an attention-grabbing stunt, although since the entertainment industry is so leftist it's hard to see what he has to gain. This isn't likely to get him a ticket to Hollywood or win him a role in a Broadway show.

He seems to me to be a young man with respect for the truth. Since Jesus Christ is Himself THE TRUTH, when I see someone searching for truth, I see him searching for God. So let's all pray for Brandon Straka. As the left shows its true bloody colors more and more, people like Brandon will begin to wake up and will, indeed, "walk away." Ultimately, we can pray they walk right into the arms of Christ and His Church.


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