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Monday, July 23, 2018

When You Feel Like Liberals Own the Conversation, Watch This

We're here, folks! What especially impressed me about this video was that the singers were all men...godly men...some very young...who weren't afraid or embarrassed to express their belief in God in public. Sing it, brothers!

A Dominican priest once preached that women have to come down from the cross and the men have to get up on it. He wasn't denigrating women or saying we don't have to pick up our crosses, he was making the point that men need to be spiritual leaders, spiritual fathers. We need real men not metrosexual pansies admiring themselves in the mirror and spending hours making sure every hair is in place and every wrinkle smoothed.

St. Ignatius was like that once, totally focused on the world and its rewards, vain and self-centered. But when he converted, wow!

The Jesuits used to be men, St. Inatius' men, the pope's men, fighting for the faith with zeal and power. Now, Fr. James Martin (with his smirks and dissent and sodomy pandering) is their icon.

But faithful Catholics are still out there and faithful Christians who love the Lord and want to serve him. And we need to make sure we aren't invisible.

Sing Halleluia!

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