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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Was Cardial Wuerl Joking?

Is that Cardinal Wuerl on the left or is it Sergeant Schultz
from Hogan's Heroes who "knows nothing?"
Sometimes ya just gotta laugh (in a cynical, head-shaking, angry way) at the downright audacity and hypocrisy of certain members of the hierarchy.

That's what I did when I read Cardinal Donald Wuerl's statement to WTOP about McCarrick's resignation which was immediately accepted by Pope Francis.
“I think this was a big step forward in trying to act quickly, decisively, even though the whole procedure isn’t concluded yet....The pope is saying that we need to show that we are hearing these things, paying attention and acting.”
Oh please!



Are we supposed to take this man seriously?

Everybody knew McCarrick was a homosexual who acted on his perversions -- DECADES AGO. It was an open secret. The Vatican was informed. Sociologist and Mental Health Counselor Richard Sipe was publicly addressing the issue on his blog years ago! Are you telling me that McCarrick's good buddy, Cardinal Wuerl didn't know? In fact, that ALL or the majority of the bishops didn't know? Do you believe it?


Hey, wanna buy a nice covered bridge in the Shenandoah Valley?

Sad to say, many of our bishops are liars and enablers of pederasty if not active homosexuals themselves.

The stench of this just gets worse and worse as those who knew, and may very well be from the same good old boys homo club as McCarrick, throw him under the bus and try to shake his filthy dust off their feet. Maybe if they pile him with guilt, their own dirty secrets will remain hidden. Let him be the Judas goat while they disguise their own wolfish activity under their pure white sheepskins!

Shut it all up. Circle the wagons and wait until it blows over so they can continue their dirty business as usual.

It's not gonna happen!

The lavender mafia is in trouble. And faithful Catholics are fed up. We want a policy of ASK AND TELL AND REMOVE! Laicize the evil bishops. Snatch off their red and crimson beanies and take back the croziers and pectoral crosses.

Who knew about McCarrick and when did they know it? They should all be disappeared as soon as possible! And then let's have the orthodox priests who were persecuted by these guys and falsely accused of all manner of wrong-doing be reappeared!

Check out these stories and have a barf bag handy:

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Chriss Rainey said...

I believe they will fall.
I believe around the world they will fall.
In 2017 faithful Catholics expected a spectacular event of some kind to "occur" in fulfillment of Mary's warning in 1917 in Fatima, Portugal.

I believe the "event" is actually a recovery of a globally corrupt Church. An "event" we will experience gradually, perhaps, over some span of time known only to God.

But be sure, the warning was not idle words, and God does not lie. It will happen, on schedule, and just maybe we are witnessing it starting to unfold.

mtroyer said...

Dr. T.T.Coals said...

Years ago one of the Catholic Media Coalition officers, located in Pittsburgh, informed me that Wuerl was a member of Uncle Ted's "boy's club." Randy Engel has also written about him.

Joan Hartzell said...

Why does the name Bella Dodd pop into my head whenever I read this stuff?