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Friday, July 13, 2018

Arm in Arm With the Democrat Party Platform

It has been a while since this blog said anything about VOICE, Virginians Organized for Interfaith Engagement.  This is a link to their membership page.  Please, take a minute to ponder this diverse coalition of people dedicated to forcing their political agenda down other people’s throats through intimidation. 
Read the words carefully.  It is all about organizing
political power.

If you are trying to rescue boys from an underground cave as the water is rising, you don’t care who you partner with to get the job done.  Life is what matters and time is of the essence in an emergency.  Under normal circumstances we not only should, but as Catholics we MUST make more careful choices about the people we stand with and realize their beliefs, if advanced, will in fact destroy our own.  VOICE is a socialist organization.  They use collection plate money from their “member” churches which is given to VOICE in the form of “dues” to promote a socialist agenda. 

The political candidates they advocate and promote are in every case Democrats, members of the Democrat Party, the party of abortion.  It is the party of hate and vitriol currently opposing EVERYTHING across the board that any Republican supports.  The party that can generally be said hates the Catholic Church and those in it who actually live what they profess----life begins at conception, sodomy is an abomination, and marriage is sacred.

The “member churches” on this list that are Catholic are in bed with people who advocate for gay rights, abortion on demand, and open borders.  They are literally working to destroy even the possibility of turning this country around economically and back to God through true faith, hope, and charity. 

This is the link to their homepage on the internet.  Go to section C on this page and read the pdf file for Rules for Radical Pastors.  Read all of section G and H to see how wedded they are to the Democrat Party and all the things faithful Catholics should avoid.  People who support their “social justice” agenda have been fooled into believing you can partner with evil to do something good.  This is wrong, wrong, wrong! 
If you or someone you know is a member of any of the Catholic parishes on this membership list, you and they should know they contribute to it every time they throw a dollar in the plate. 

On a recent flyer sent to active members they included this information:

Muslim communities: VOICE Muslim and non-Muslim leaders are setting up listening sessions to hear how the recent Muslim travel ban is affecting our Muslim brothers and sisters. We will also listen for concrete ways we can act locally or nationally with our sister IAF affiliates.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have Muslim brothers and sisters.  Muslim brothers and sisters are in fact murdering Christians right and left in the Middle East. 

This is another point made on the same flyer:

Immigration: In Virginia there are 79,000 immigrant children who are US citizens with an undocumented parent. Nationally, there are about 5 million. VOICE leaders are working with our sister affiliates on strategies to Keep Families Together. 

What would that “strategy” be, I wonder.  On the one hand, they want to keep families together, but they don’t want any of these 79,000, in Virginia alone, to be returned WITH THEIR PARENTS to where they are from.  The strategy then must be to insure that any illegal immigrant is allowed to stay in this country simply because he or she is a parent, regardless of their illegal activity whether it is crossing the border or crimes committed once they are on this side of the Rio Grand River.

I have been following the #Walk Away Movement on You Tube.  I think it is long past time that Catholic Churches need to WALK AWAY from this organization. 
Bishops need to wake up and demand that membership in this organization cease because it pushes an agenda based on lies and takes money from parishioners who are too uneducated to even know where their money is going and in many cases too brainwashed to find out. 

This is a link to their latest flyer informing “trained leaders”  what the next steps will be to advance the cause of the Democrat Party.  Note at the bottom of the page it says they are a “strictly non-partisan” organization.  Don’t believe that for one second.

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Fr. Tuck Grinnell, who recently retired (His last parish was St. Peter's in Little Washington, VA) was a founder of VOICE. At their first organizational meeting someone brought up fighting for the unborn and the suggestion was booed. VOICE is cut out of the same mold as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. It's all about intimidation tactics and getting liberals elected to office. The other Catholic priest who helped found VOICE was Gerry Creedon (RIP). Both priests put liberalism ahead of Catholicism and dissent on central articles of the Catholic faith. Fr. Tuck Grinnell belongs to the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests which champions all manner of anti-Catholic positions. His picture is featured on the Lepanto Institute's article about the group.