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Saturday, June 1, 2019

"Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here."

Euthanasia enters a new super-diabolical level with SARCO, an invention of Satan himself.

Oh joy!
Plans for self construction of the death machine are expected to be put on line later this year. They should call it the hell machine, because anyone in his right mind who does this with full consent of the will is on the fast track to Gehenna!

Here's what one enthusiast said about the machine:
"What could be better than having your family and close friends over for lunch, a glass of champagne — wines — and hop into the Sarco, and off you go on a peaceful, quick, and safe imaginary flight to heaven,” said Australian Sally Curlewis about the machine in a promotional video.
Really? I wonder what the party planner would recommend as an appropriate invitation? Would the cover have a death mask or skull? Will the luncheon include a cake called "death by chocolate?"

This is the ultimate horror for a culture in love with death.

We don't belong to ourselves. We belong to the creator who made us. I don't have the right to destroy the house my neighbor build and neither do I have the right to destroy the temple that was built by God to house the human soul.

How about helping people realize that life is worth living...that we are not the "masters of our own fate." That our destiny is inextricably linked to God's will. Don't tell me you don't believe in Him because your lack of belief doesn't take you off the hook if He exists -- and there is plenty of evidence He does.

Pray for all those whose life's work is figuring out more efficient ways to kill people. Their predecessors built the gas chambers and the gulags. Every person they scandalize will be a soul testifying against them on Judgment Day.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us and save us from the purveyors of death!


  1. This is pure evil. When I first read about this a few days ago my immediate thought was that this will be the way they'll kill babies born alive after botched abortions. What could be easier.

  2. We have to realize that this is just a first step. To begin with, you are provided this "option", but how long will it be before this "option" becomes your "civic duty"? What might the check list look like to determine if you, whether you like it or not, are a target.

  3. Isn't it strange how all these people who pay no attention AT ALL to God and His will, are nonetheless so confident in the existence of heaven in an afterlife? And how conveniently they manage to deny hell? Or assume IF there is one that THEY could not possibly be going there?

  4. So, do you rent these things like porta potties that get dropped off and picked up when you are done with them? Do your friends stand around you and wave through the window shouting bon voyage?

    I know this isn't funny, but you can't help but imagine the freakishness of the industry that will grow up around this.

  5. I felt better when the inventor said that the Sarco is safe! The machine works by slowly(?) suffocating the person. Most people, including hangmen, would consider that torture, but I guess it is a suitable prelude to hell.

  6. The "DEATH ROCKET " is obviously pointed in-the-right direction. It would facilitate the Operators downward direction, where they could eventually bond with the inventors of this Infernal machine.