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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Money, money...who's got the money?

For Bishop Bransfield

I predict that the exposure of the financial disgrace in West Virginia is just the beginning. Is anyone so naive they think Bransfield was the only embezzler in a miter. As a priest warned me recently, "Don't trust anyone in a pointy hat."

Every cleric who accepted money from Bransfield should be investigated along with what they are doing with money in their own dioceses. Open the books! How many other bishops are doing exactly the same thing Bransfield was doing in Wheeling? How many, like Bransfield, look at their diocesan bank accounts and say, "It belongs to me?" 

In view of the mansions and luxury vacation homes of so many, I suspect their number is legion. As Lord Action said, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." These bishops operate in many cases with absolute power. The financial overseers in Wheeling did not do their jobs. How many other financial boards in other dioceses also bow to the perverted will and whims of their bishops and let them squander millions of dollars on their personal lifestyles while they close parishes and schools? 

And while we're talking about Bransfield, who knows what happens when a bishop resigns in disgrace? What is Bransfield entitled to in retirement? How much is McCarrick getting from the Church? How much will Bransfield continue to get from the abused faithful of Wheeling? If the people of Wheeling find he is continuing to sponge off of them, they should fight. Sue him for a return of every cent he stole for his daily flower arrangements, private jet flights, jewelry, liquor, luxury renovations on his living quarters, etc. They need to fight to prevent him from continuing to financially rape their diocese.


Think of the many innocent priests who have been dumped with no stipend and no health insurance? Should evil thieves continue to enjoy their ill-gotten goods? Bransfield belongs in jail. I think we should open up a debtors prison for bishop-thieves. Let them eat gruel and work off their millions dressed in orange jumpsuits and latex gloves filling trash bags by picking up litter on their diocesan streets. 


elpine flower said...

"Merchants in the Temple" details some of the posh pads these Prelates reside in, in either Vatican City or Rome.Cdl Burke's is pretty nice with six nuns who act as housekeepers and maids.The book also details the spending habits for these apartments and how the financiers appointed by Pope Francis wanted to bring in fair market value for Vatican City, but were blocked every step of the way by the Prelates and their friends who enjoyed discounted living expenses
Branfield adopted an extravagant and lavish lifestyle,
prelates who were alleged to have taken these bribes included:

Donald Wuerl, Newcardinal of Washington, DC, who was removed from his archbishopric on account of sex crimes
Timothy Dolan, Newcardinal of New York, New York
Raymond Burke, a Newcardinal who claims to be "traditional" to extort money from clueless Neocon Newchurchers
Bernard Law, Newcardinal of Boston, Massachusetts, deposed for his complicity in paedophile crimes
William Lori, Newarchbishop of Baltimore, Maryland
Carlo Maria Vigano, Newarchbishop-Ambassador (Nuncio) to the United States
Kevin Farrell, a Newcardinal Prefect in Francis-Bergoglio's Newvatican

Although not canonical but not considered gnostic either,
the "Didache" dating back to the first century is quite interesting.
Gross Sins include the corruption of boys....and false prophets are identified as those men who preach Christ but use the donations of the Faithful for their own luxury and comfort.

Read the last part above Cdl Burke, as you ride your white horse in the "Nat Cath Register" as the "fixer" for the Church.....False Prophet. Change your own ways first.

Montejurra said...

These profligate clerics are JUDASES. Let them try to say that it is not True. They are just like the chosen apostle who betrayed Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heartbroken said...

My question is why ISNT Michael Bransfield in jail. Take the Title of His Excellency and Bishop away! He should not be referenced in that way!