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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Is This Lesbian Scene Coming to a Catholic Kindergarten in the Diocese of Arlington?

As I wrote yesterday, I got a call from a mom concerned that a Catholic school in northern Virginia has a child enrolled who is "transitioning" from a little boy to a little girl. We are still checking the situation out to see exactly what is involved, but when I got this email today from One Million Moms I couldn't help but think about the situation and how it will desensitize the little classmates of the child to the lie and dysfunction of "gender fluidity." God made us, male and female. That's the truth and no degree of imagination or virtual reality will change it. Parents who enable this madness are like adults who give a child who thinks he's Superman a ladder so he can climb up to the roof and jump off to test his flying ability. We all know that ends badly! But that's what adults who deform reality are doing to their children. The demons hate life and they hate innocence which is why they target our kids. It's DEMONIC! And Disney is fully committed to serving the demons. Sadly, we can expect this to become an increasing issue in our parish schools and CCD programs. Pray that pastors and bishops will develop policies to deal with this kindly, but firmly. 
Disney Deliberately Kept Lesbian Scene in Toy Story 4 Hush Hush
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Dear Mary,
WARNING! Toy Story 4 has just hit cinemas, but one thing we did not expect to see was LGBTQ characters. No matter how insignificant to the overall story they were, Disney still felt it was necessary to include them.
At the start of the movie, when Woody’s new owner Bonnie goes for her first day of kindergarten, in the background there is a quick scene where one child is dropped off by two moms. Later, the moms return to pick up their child who gives them a hug. The scene is subtle in order to to desensitize children. But it is obvious that the child has two mothers, and they are parenting together.
The Gay Times praised the film, claiming the scene as a small but important moment as far as inclusion. 1MM agrees it was a noticeably small scene with the sole purpose of attempting to normalize this lifestyle. Some in the gay blogging community have agreed that the moment “was not groundbreaking by any standard” but continued to praise it as a “small moment of normalization,” which is exactly why 1MM finds this to be so dangerous. It has not been mentioned much in mainstream media, which could appear as acceptance when really it was because it happened so fast. But the scene was included and intentionally not announced prior to the movie release in hopes it would be kept quiet to expose as many children as possible.
So many families probably plan on seeing this movie if they haven’t already and will be blindsided by this subtle but obvious promotion of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Not to mention there was a brief comment made about not hiding in a closet also in the movie. Some children may not catch this reference, but it was extremely unnecessary as with the lesbian couple. Both were brief and didn’t need to be included since it didn’t add to the story plot at all. These “blink and you will miss” moments were included strictly to push an agenda.
Toy Story 4 is the last place parents would expect their children to be confronted with content regarding sexual orientation. Issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon. It is extremely common yet unnecessary.
Disney has decided once again to be politically correct versus providing family-friendly entertainment. Disney should stick to entertaining instead of pushing an agenda and exposing children to controversial topics.
Sign our Petition stating you will continue to no longer trust Disney since their actions have veered away from family-friendly entertainment. And please share!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Disney jumped the rails a long time ago. No parent should take their child to anything Disney-related.

elpine flower said...

You betcha! Never forget that the Vatican's own pick for "pro life" representative was the FIRST Bishop to actually lobby for a sex ed K-12 mandated Bill in the State House of Reps in NJ and ask all his fellow Bishops to do so also.
I know .
I lived it and under the direction of an elderly Cisturcian Monk , we all wrote letters for the opposite cause ,to our state reps.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


Anonymous said...


When Steve Rubino Esq ( a Catholic lawyer whose sole practice was based on clerical abuse victims in Camden Diocese) went after McHugh with a Rico suit .....transferring priest pederasts between Providence RI Diocese, Ireland and back to Camden was published in the Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer magazine for three weeks.
Catholics began to wake up in the diocese . The sheer numbers of transferred priests and settlements made out of court or during court cases stunned everyone.
Right after the news expose Bernardin announced with Mchugh that he was coming to St Charles Borromeo Seminary across the Delaware from Camden . Why? For a Mass of Reconciliation with Mr Cook Bernardin's victim, that would be aired during the prime time evening shows and Cook would admit publicly that he mis-remembered all those sodomite filthy acts he accused Bernardin of.......It was pre empted by a sports event. DRE and rectory employee friends who attended a large outdoor retreat and BBQ picnic in the Philadelphia Diocese for priests in both Diocese' were shocked to hear that it was the topic of humor ,ridicule and outright boisterous laughter by priests themselves who knew the entire scenario was a PR ploy hatched by both Cardinal Bernardin and Bishop McHugh.
The end hoped for result was to salvage BOTH their reputations and plant the notion that victims were liars because of "false memories". The priests and seminarians were also laughing about Steven Cook's bank account increasing substantially after the show was to air.
BTW McHugh was DEFINITELY behind sex ed K-12 in NJ Public and then Parochial schools. He notified his fellow Bishops in NJ to Lobby for the Bill. We were told hat by a monk in Mt Laurel at the Fatima Chapel Cisturcian Monastery where we went for daily Mass. Fr Julian Bruni (RIP) begged us to protest this Bill by writing to our State Reps. Then he stopped telling us McHugh lobbied to get sex ed through.

McHugh was a LIAR and an evil man who, although he was the Vatican's pick for Pro Life rep, admitted he knew abortion clinics were selling the murdered infant's tissue. When confronted with this fact he smirked at a group of Catholics including one Susan Zaccahriae and asked, " What are YOU against Progress?"

Personally I was thrilled to see him move onto Rockville Center NY, and then pass on of pancreatic cancer shortly after his satanic friend Bernardin.
Before anyone criticizes me for this , yes, I prayed for him and am convinced God heard my prayer and moved him away from us along with his Chancery friends who are just as evil.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Randy Engel's book, The McHugh Chronicles, is a real eye-opener. He was good friends with Mary Calderone and did much to advance the evil work of SIECUS. Poor Jesus. How many traitors fill His Church.

elpine flower said...

Yes Maryanne , I called the "Mother's Watch" ladies and begged them to ask Randy to write about McHugh. Several years later, I met her and Suzanne Rini at J Vennari's wedding and reception in Philadelphia.

Nothing is more Satanic than the murder of children.
McHugh was the front man fraud for the Church posing as a pro life hero.
Nothing was farther from the truth.
Homosexual priests thrived and were promoted under his reign .
This one was one of his favorites and appointed to a UN post until he lost his mentor and McHugh died.The one time Fr Marrucci