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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Islam in Canada's Public Schools - Boys in front, girls in back and girls with their period in the faaaar back

Muslims want you to know
that these 8 girls are menstruating.
Girls are not only separated from boys in this public school's mosque in the cafeteria, but girls having their periods are separated from girls not having their periods. 

All girls are separated from boys by a long barrier of folded wooden cafeteria tables. 

Next, girls having their periods are placed in the far back separated from girls not having their periods. Apparently, they are not to pray kneeling with their backsides toward Heaven like the others, so there's even a rule about that.

Who is checking which girls are having their periods? Or does this Islamic command go by the honor system? And has anyone checked the hijabed woman standing up front by the boys to see if she is currently menstruating? What makes her worthy of standing in the male section?

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Kathleen1031 said...

Goodbye Canada. I guess it was inevitable you would follow France.