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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

When Will We Get the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing BUT the Truth from These Lying Bishops?

Just the Facts, Bishops!
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The smoke of Satan hasn't only invaded the sanctuary, one can hardly see for the smoke filling up the entire Church and spilling out the windows! And the arsonists are at the highest levels in the Church. No wonder we have horrible situations going on everywhere!

I just got a phone call from a concerned mom about a school in my diocese that is admitting a KINDERGARTNER this September who is "transitioning" from a boy to a girl. Did you get that -- a 5-year-old thinks he's a girl and his parents (and the school) are going along with it!

Maybe he's been watching videos of "amazing Desmond" and wants the same attention. And so he will be exposing his gender dysphoria as the new "reality" to all the kindergartners and other students at the school.

To me? That's child abuse!

I'm not ready to report on this because I haven't checked it out, but if it's true, and I suspect it is because of the source, Les Femmes will be spreading the news far and wide.

A five year old is in the latency period. Little ones that young are not concerned about sexual matters. So where is this little boy's sexual confusion coming from? That's a question for a holy psychiatrist who understands gender dysphoria. On the other hand, if it's the agenda of the parents, they need to be charged with child abuse.

As for the other kindergarteners and all the other students at the school, the adults, especially the principal and pastor, need to protect them from scandal.

Will kindergarten need an X-rating this September?
We'll have more on this as it develops, but if you have children in CATHOLIC schools you must realize you can't count on the school's orthodoxy. Keep your eyes open and be ready to fight for the truth and for the faith. Many Catholic schools embrace the values of the world, not the teachings of Christ.

The school in question has three kindergartens and two classrooms of each of the other grades. Every child in that school will be scandalized if the priests (There are FOUR) and the administration accept the false premise of gender fluidity and expose all 500 children to it.

Can anyone imagine that it won't be a topic of conversation all over the parish? The school will either water down the faith, scandalize the children by teaching they must accept the lie that a person can make up his own sexual identity (What if he claimed to be Peter Pan or Batman?), or they will put that child in a terrible situation of cognitive dissonance where they are teaching the truths of the faith while his family is living a false virtual reality. I suspect there will be plenty of blathering about love, tolerance, respect, and acceptance. But to accept and teach a lie as truth is not tolerance and certainly doesn't show love and respect. One speaks the truth in love and that's what the school needs to do telling the parent they cannot accept the child because of the serious harm it would do to the faith of the other children and their sense of reality.

On the last retreat he gave for the Marian catechists which I attended, Fr. John Hardon said, "If you make one resolve out of this retreat, let it be to LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD." I've tried to live by that advice. The school needs to commit to that resolve and teach their students to do the same. The other way, leads straight to perdition! We need to embrace God's reality, not live in our own perverse dream world!

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