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Monday, June 10, 2019

Another Reason to Hate the Glory and Praise Hymnal

David Haas, How Catholic is he? Not very, folks.
Let's face it many Glory and Praise composers are about as Catholic as Pope Francis and that isn't saying much! But David Haas -- Yikes!

David Haas writes gay refrain for "pride month."

My colleague, Janet from Restore D.C. Catholicism, outed Haas and his dissent several years ago in Why I will never again sing anything by David Haas. The comments on her post are very revealing, both the positive and the negative. Of course, the negative comments accuse her being judgmental and filled with hate. That is the boring mantra of the liberal Catholic. Ho-hum...If you disagree with me and my liberal pro-gay, anti-orthodoxy, cafeteria values you are evil, hateful, a homophobe, a racist, a misogynist, a climate denier, a child abuser, judgmental...and ugly. Are you yawning?

I found one comment from "Watchtower" particularly interesting:
  1. As a professional composer and devout Catholic with a doctorate in music and a deep concern with the liturgy, I will categorically support everything that Restore-DC has written. I can't see what it hateful about it. In fact, by my estimation, it may even be too gentle. Haas, his music, and the kind of "catholicism" it has inspired needs to be chased mercifully out of the sanctuary with a whip of cords. There is further nothing "sanctimonious" or "holier than thou" about wanting actual Catholic music in a Catholic liturgy. It is simply the *way things should be*. And yes, we're annoyed with Haas-ism and catholic-light culture, to the point of having no charity left for them.
  2. Anthony Esolen has a two-part series on bad liturgical hymns. He calls them "performance music...trite and ugly melodies that are difficult for a congregation to sing." 
  3. Music in worship is important. One of the ways the Arians spread their heresy was through songs. The modernists are doing the same thing through songwriters like Haas, Marty Haugen, Carey Landry, etc. Many of the modernist happy-clappy songs advance liturgically erroneous ideas. They tend to take the focus off God and put it on fallible man. And note that some of the "musicians" are a scandal like Carey Landry who left the priesthood to get married.
  4. I recommend you read Esolen's two essays on liturgical music: Part 1 -- Pop Goes the Mass and Part 2 -- Bad Poetry, Bad Theology: The Curse of Bad Liturgical Music
  5. And then listen to the video below, but ignore a few vulgar expressions. I don't agree with everything, but they make some interesting and funny comments. They peg it when they say the bad songs are the legacy of the felt banner generation and a "violation of the Geneva Convention" used to torture and interrogate prisoners. The examples they use are exactly what Esolen meant when he called it "performance music." 
  6. I disagree with the priest when he talks about songs that everyone can sing. Hey, everyone can sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and I love to hear my grandkids sing it, but I don't want to hear it at Mass. Many of these songs are the equivalent of nursery rhymes set to music. 
  7. Anyway, if you're busy doing something in the kitchen and want to listen, these guys are kind of fun. I disagree with their comments about the "Baby Boomers" since I'm one. They make some very broad statements about the boomers not being willing to let go of the nuttiness and bad music. Sure there are plenty of crazy boomers, but there are many of us who have fought tooth and claw for the true, the good, and the beautiful. We have also been leaders in the pro-life community defending the unborn. I'd be interested in your opinion about this show. It was my first time listening, but I think I'll visit again.

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