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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Thank God! A Bishop with a Backbone! Lamplighter Award to Archbishop Charles Thompson of Indianapolis!

Indianapolis archbishop revokes Jesuit prep school's Catholic identity

Check out One Mad Mom's commentary on this in which she assails the hand-wringing whining of little Jimmy Martin and his Jesuit crybaby brothers who certainly do NOT have the brave hearts of St. Jean de Brebeuf and St. Isaac Jogues! Give them their teddies and snuggies and pray for the stupid parents who keep their children in this school for scandal where their young hearts will be perverted. They will learn to be cafeteria Catholics embracing mortal sins endorsed by the Jebbies who left St. Ignatius behind long ago. How many of the scandalized souls will to to hell thanks to the "education" in worldly values they get at Brebeuf. (Yes, I'm "old fashioned" enough to still believe there is such a place as hell and that souls are falling into it like snowflakes as Jacinta said.) Archbishop Charles Thompson deserves our thanks for defending the faith! Thank you, your Excellency!


Carlos Perera said...

I must confess that I am mystified by how a priestly order founded by ex-soldiers, hardened veterans--like St. Ignatius himself--of Spain's endless wars of the early 16th century, and consequently organized on military lines--in Spanish, the order is termed _la Compañia de Jesús_, the Company of Jesus, "soldiers of the Pope"--as butch as butch can be, could have degenerated into today's assembly of effeminate homosexuals (and, yes, I realize not all of them are like that, but that type predominates), who should change the color of their cassocks from black to lavender.

Saint Peter Damian and Catherine of Siena, please intercede for us, that we might once again have a clergy made up of manly men, of properly oriented sexuality, who will once again be soldiers of a worthy Pope.

Lori said...

There is nothing too heroic. He and others in our state are just watching their contractual obligations. They seem to not mind having an openly homosexual person working for them but they just can't get married. Most Catholics knew that the counselor at Roncalli was a lesbian. Same at Cathedral...and I'm sure at Brebeuf as well. It's just when they marry that is not accepted. Thompson in his public statement regarding Roncalli said,"There is nothing in Church teaching that says being gay or lesbian is a sin."
He has also done nothing about Dignity USA at St. Thomas Aquinas either.

Of course, if homosexual men are accepted as priests why not teachers and counselors. They just can't marry. UGH! In neighboring Lafayette diocese, our bishop Doherty is aware that Fr. Pat Baikauskas who reigns from Chicago is homosexual yet let's him continue at Purdue. He's very popular with the kids and the university. Stephen Brady put up a public fight not to let Cardinal George allow him into seminary but George didn't listen. Anyway, here is an article that interviews Stephen Brady and Fr. Baikauskas. When Brady asks him to denouce his homosexuality, Baikauskas says, "I am not sure what he wants me to denounce," responds Baikauskas. "My working for services for people living with AIDS? My working to secure equality in the workplace and housing for gay men and women? The church is not against these things. Neither is the church opposed to people being in love. So I cannot denounce any of those things."

My point is that our bishops do not care about homosexuality anymore and do not think it's a sin. So, their standing against homosexual marriage is absurd. We are taught to get to the root of sin and obviously, they are not going to. That is why we will continue with the sex abuse of teenage boys as well. Until they recognize homosexuality as a sin..consequences of the sin will be evident.