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Monday, June 8, 2020

17 Have Died in Riots around the Country. Do These Lives Matter?

Retired police officer, David
Dorn murdered in St. Louis
List of the dead from the Epoch Times

Do these lives matter? Do blue lives matter? I posted on Facebook last night about three young blacks who traced two police officers to their homes to firebomb their cars. (Source) Our police officers have wives and families. Do their lives matter?

My brother was a Baltimore County cop. 

 He told me a story once about a hoodlum he arrested (a regular at the precinct) who threatened to kill his wife and children. He took him aside and told him that if anything ever happened to his family, there would be no place the man could hide. He'd never know when it was going to happen. The man apologized later. "I didn't mean it, Officer Schneider."

John put his life on the line every day. Most people have no idea what police officers face as a daily routine: murders and violent robberies, home invasions, domestic violence, cleaning up after suicides, etc. Yes there are rogue police, but they are the minority. When we disrespect the police, the likely result is that fewer good and decent men and women will join the force and more and more brownshirt psychopaths will. 

Are there peaceful protesters among the rioters? Yes, they are the useful tools being used by Antifa and Black Lives Matter as cover for their agenda. Here's a voice of reason pointing out the hypocrisy of BLM and the destruction to which they've contributed. 

Think about all this. BLM and Antifa come in and instigate riots that destroy black neighborhoods and the livelihoods of small businesses owned by blacks. What does that do? It increases a sense of hopelessness and spurs rage. Isn't that what they want? They destroy black neighborhoods to further the agenda that the culture is systemically racist. But whose actions hurt the black communities? The very people who claim that "black lives matter." No, these organizers don't care a hoot about the black lives and livelihoods they destroy. They care about power for the organizers. It's cultural Marxism pure and simple. Marx wanted the destruction of governments, economies, and societies. "Then," he said, "I shall stride through the wreckage a creator." 

Isn't that what we're seeing in this latest tally of destruction? 

Mary predicted it at Fatima. Entire nations would be annihilated. Is that what we're seeing in our beloved country? Pray the rosary daily for peace in the world and the restoration of morality. Our republic was made for a moral people. It cannot survive when anarchists, rioters, and godless tyrants rule. 

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