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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Before You Jump on the BLM Bandwagon, at Least Find Out Who They Are!

Are you a lemming? Do you look for the herd and join up even if you don't know where they're going or what they're doing? Or do you pause, take a deep breath, do a little research, and determine whether the herd has got it right or wrong?

Seems for many it's the first. "Hey, look, let's be part of the crowd and play follow the leader. Who's the leader? Who cares. It looks like fun." What does it matter if no one knows who the real leader is and what the objectives are?

Eugene Ionesco, a member of the Theatre of the Absurd movement, wrote an interesting play called The Leader which perfectly illustrates the idiocy of many in these days of pandemonium over both the coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement. I actually participated in this play when I was in college. Trinity was down the street from Catholic U. with its famous drama department. Some friends and I acted the play for a C.U. student's senior project. She had us running around the stage like these actors, but bleating like sheep. Lee-eee-eee-eea-der, Lee-eee-eee-eea-der. It was perfect!

Have you joined the mindless mantra of Black Lives Matter? Really, folks, it ain't about black lives. It's about the overthrow of western civilization and the rise of Marxism. A crisis is a terrible thing to waste and the Marxists among us know that better than anyone. Hence the canonization of George Floyd as the icon for revolution.

I don't know anyone who doesn't deplore George Floyd's death. I wonder, though...would he be cheering the looting, burning, vandalism, and killing being done in his name? I hope not.

Please don't be a lemming or a bleating sheep following the leaders. Answer these questions:
1) Have you studied the Black Lives Matter website? 
2) Have you researched the backgrounds of the founders and leaders of the BLM movement? 
3) Have you researched the opinions of black voices who oppose BLM? 
4) Do you know who's behind BLM and who's financing it? 
5) Do you approve of what's happening in the name of BLM: tearing down statues, vandalizing property, setting up "autonomous zones" in cities around the country, engaging in riots and looting?
6) Do you think any of this is likely to result in a more just, peaceful, and racially compatible country where people respect the rights of each other and work for change in socially constructive ways? 
If you haven't done these things and you can't answer these questions, then you have joined the lemmings and the bleating sheep.

When an interviewer asked economist Thomas Sowell if he thinks we need more critical thinking, he responded saying he'd settle for any thinking because we see so little of it these days. I second that opinion. We are becoming a nation of ignorant, know-nothing morons who can't put any of the major wars in the correct century, who couldn't name a single signer of the Declaration of Independence, and don't know the difference between the bill of rights and the grocery bill.

A nation of morons is doomed to be ruled by tyrants. Please, read a history book by a good historian. I recommend Thomas Woods. You can check out his website here. Another good source is Hillsdale College. They offer a number of free online courses on the Constitution, literature, history, etc. It's a lot more useful (and more interesting) than watching re-runs of Seinfeld. Join me in Economics 101. And happy learning! You're never too old to learn something new. At the end of the day ask yourself, "What do I know today that I didn't know yesterday?"

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