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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Two More Doctors Talk About How Hydroxychloroqhine was Politicized

If I develop COVID-19 I want to be treated immediately with hydroxychloroquine and zinc. I don't believe the lying media. All the official studies with hydroxychloroqhine were done with patients who were already near death when the drug could have no effect whatsoever. The experience of doctors in the field is that given early with zinc before patients' systems are overwhelmed, they almost all immediately improve and recover. The powers that be dismiss all their experience as "anecdotal." Frankly, I'll take the "anecdotal" data from doctors on the front line than so-called experts like Fauci whose office helped create the virus in the first place by funding the China lab where it originated!

Listen to this cardiologist and the emergency room physician discuss the coronavirus situation. Politics kills patients! Especially egregious are the actions that allowed many elderly in nursing homes to die because residents were exposed unnecessarily. Sending positive patients back to the nursing homes like Cuomo in New York and Murphy in New Jersey mandated was irresponsible and guaranteed a large number of deaths among the vulnerable. That these residents had to die alone separated from family makes it even more reprehensible.

I applaud these doctors who came out. I expect they'll be attacked.


JMJT said...

This video must be a few weeks old. Here is the latest re Florida which is now one of the hot-spots for COVID-19.

Another source says that the Hydroxychloroquine ban for treatment of COVID-19 in the US has been lifted but not encouraged...other drugs are recommended including a new and much more expensive drug, Rendesivir (sp?).

Susan said...

HCQ was shown to be a cure *in the early stages of the disease* most notably in a nursing home in Texas and with many, many brave doctors throughout the US and other countries, who didn’t cow tow to the fear mongers’ demands not to prescribe it.

Here’s what would have occurred if HCQ had not been suppressed by the deep state health elites in government and the lying liberal media:

1. No lockdowns of businesses, churches, parks, etc., causing business failures, delayed medical testing and interventions for non-covid issues, increased mental depression cases, suicides, etc.
2. No masks
3. Natural immunity would have occurred due to healthy exposure.
4. No irresponsible bailouts and stimulus payments
5. And this is the big one: Trump would have been a hero for recommending HCQ.

It’s shocking that there are people who knew HCQ to be effective and intentionally suppressed its use knowing that the result would be the unnecessary DEATHS of tens of thousands in the US alone. They clearly believe in neither God, nor His judgment, nor in hell.

They need our prayers

Susan said...

There's more. Check this out. Evidently I'm not the only one who's fuming angry over these HCQ lies.

How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and more