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Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Dose of Common Sense for Thursday Morning -- "Enough with the Anti-White Narrative"

(Hat Tip to Mundabor.)

And if you want more common sense check out this Matt Walsh podcast. The popular narrative today is that whites and only whites can be racist. Even some of our bishops have bought into the big lie. Matt Walsh isn't having it!

What do you think? Are black thugs beating up white people victims of racism? Or is it the "crackers" just doing their jobs or taking a stroll like the 92-year-old woman in Manhattan?

A new book out continues the poisonous narrative that all whites are racists; it's in our DNA. Everything we do proves it. If we say we aren't racist, we're racist. If we feel "threatened" by accusations of racism, it just proves how racist we are. The book was written by a white woman who makes $6,000 an hour for peddling her claptrap, what Tucker Carlson calls "poisonous garbage." Amen to that!

Sad to say, our bishops aren't helping the matter any. I could give a pile of examples of bishops catering to this narrative. All you have to do is read the bishops' document on racism to see what panderers they are. Nothing about racism against white people. The document begins by defining racism saying,:
Racism arises when—either consciously or unconsciously—a person holds that his or her own race or ethnicity is superior, and therefore judges persons of other races or ethnicities as inferior and unworthy of equal regard....Consciously or subconsciously, this attitude of superiority can be seen in how certain groups of people are vilified, called criminals, or are perceived as being unable to contribute to society, even unworthy of its benefits. don't even know how racist you are you stupid white people! many whites have been fired for saying "All lives matter?" How many whites have been denied admittance to their preferred college or failed to get a job because of "affirmative action" which ignores "equal regard" to favor the color of a person's skin? Read the bishops' document for a big dose of reality for why the Church in the U.S. is in such a mess. It could have been written by Black Lives Matters' Marxist founders. They use all the politically correct buzz words about "systemic racism" and bring up examples of racism from hundreds of years ago as if nothing has changed! And of course there is nothing about racism targeting whites because that's impossible! Remember: ONLY WHITES ARE RACIST.

What can I say? It's another shameful document from our hapless bench of liberal bishops released by their disgusting bureaucrats at the USCCB.

Meanwhile, don't be discouraged. Many voices out there: black, white, hispanic, asian -- still have brains behind them. Let's listen to and share their common sense and not be afraid to cry out loud and clear when the emperor has no clothes. Call "poisonous garbage" what it is.

Let us begin every day praising Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary and praying for the peace that passes understanding. Treat everyone with kindness and respect whatever their color! And if someone punches you in the face for walking down a city street, call it a crime, call the police, and demand prosecution!


rohrbachs said...

It's just like reparative therapy. You must allow your child to be conditioned to be homosexual, but must not allow him to be counseled to undo that conditioning.

Unknown said...

What a breath of fresh air! God bless Matt Walsh for his common sense and being an American who cares for all. Too bad he's not on the fake media...oh, sorry. The arm of the communist party who want total power and will use any and all to get it. God help America!!!! Pray, pray, pray.
Catherine A.