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Friday, June 26, 2020

Fr. Tom Collins: The Lemmings Are Stampeding!

There is a lemming-like stampede of many Catholic clergy to join in a #Me-too effort to ratify the
legitimacy of the allegations and demands of those directing the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter
movements. They are even acquiescing to the allegation that racism is both a systemic and a pandemic sin polluting the soul of every person of European ancestry.

Considering the fact that one aspect of racism is that it asserts one group to be superior to others, one
wonders whether the strong opposition to racism should be expanded to also include opposition to any assertion of the unique goodness of Western civilization. Likewise, it raises the question as to whether it is racist to teach that the one true Church established by Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church. How dare anyone assert that the Catholic Church has a monopoly on the saving truths, grace and disciplines of Christ?!?

Would not the rejection of racism thus require Church leaders to reject this teaching, which so many of other religious persuasions find to be both racist and intolerant? Would it not also require the Church to follow the lead of “the Spirit” so as to replace her dogmatic and moral teachings with a new kenosis theology?

According to such a theology, following the example of Jesus extolled in Phil 2:7, the Church should empty herself of her doctrinal dogmatism and moral rigorism regarding the sacred truths entrusted to her. She should humble herself so as to admit that she has neither been entrusted with the whole truth of God nor fully lived out that truth during her two thousand year history. Rather she is one with humanity in humbly groping for the truth (Acts 17:26-27). By doing so, she would be better able to show the hospitality of unconditionally welcoming all into her embrace and to affirm all in whatever stage they happen to be in their spiritual journey.

Also, by embracing such a theology, the Church would become more malleable to the modernist ideology of globalism, its New World Order and its ever-evolving demands for political correctness.
May God grant us deliverance from all that would have us mutilate and crucify truth for the sake of expediency.

In Christ,

Fr. Tom

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André Carezia said...

"the Church should empty herself of her doctrinal dogmatism and moral rigorism regarding the sacred truths entrusted to her"

Is it not what the Vatican Council already accomplished fifty years ago?