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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

SAVE BABIES! Join Defend Life's D.C. Area FACE THE TRUTH Tour in July!

Be part of our 20th Annual Face the Truth Tour
    July 27-31 are the dates of our 20th Annual Maryland Face the Truth Tour.  I want YOU be part of it!  Now more than ever, we have a chance to END Legalized Abortion. By showing what Abortion Really is, we will hasten the day that it happens.Click here for detailed information on our Face the Truth Tour.
    As I have said repeatedly since the Corona Virus, Our Tour Will Not Be Cancelled! More about how YOU can participate in a moment, but first let me tell you about our outstanding leaders.
                              SOPHIA GILLESPIE
    Sophia Gillespie is responsible for recruiting Core Team Members.  Core Team members travel with us all 5 days, visiting all 15 STOPS. They attend Holy Mass each day, are inspired by our outstanding luncheon speakers, enjoy our wonderful evening picnics, and then stay overnight in comfortable accommodations close to the following day’s 1st STOP.  We can accommodate only a total of 26 Core Team members including high school and college students and adults. Students must be 15 by September or accompanied by an older sibling or parent. To sign up, on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED basis, simply contact Sophia 540-692-5284 Sophia@DefendLife.orgShe will be delighted to hear from you.
     Sophia is a nursing student who lives in Front Royal, Virginia. This will be her 5th year as a Core Team member.  She is also the grand niece of my longtime friend Mary Ann Kreitzer, one of the great heroes of our movement.  Mary Ann was doing Rescues at Abortion Mills even before they were called Rescues. She is also the founding president of the Catholic Media Coalition.
                    THERESE RODRIGUEZ, RN
    Sophia will be reporting to our Acting Tour Director Therese Rodriguez, RN.  I have known Therese since she was a Nursing Student at Catholic University of America.  She is the amazing mother of 6, all Home Schooled, teaches Natural Family Planning, and is a financial adviser. She is cheerfully standing in for Julie Smith, long time Director, who is recovering from a serious illness and will act as a consultant to Therese.
     In addition to working closely with Sophia, Therese will be responsible for such important items as housing, luncheon locations. picnic locations, and transportation. You can help by contacting her 301-512-7451
   Here are several immediate ways you can help Therese:
·     A picnic location for Wednesday evening, July 29 in the Westminster-Reisterstown area
·     Luncheon and picnic locations for Thursday July 30 in Towson area
·     A picnic location for Friday evening, July 31 in the Ellicott City-Marriottsville area.
  Here are several other ways you can help:
·     Simply forwarding this to friends and families of like mind
·     Coming to various STOPS in your area.
·     Coming to our wonderful luncheons.
·     Providing food for our luncheons and picnics.
·     Providing overnight housing for Core Team members
    Long Live Christ Our King!
        Jack Ames, P.E., Director
P.S. Because of 1 wonderful donor, all female members of our Core Team, will stay overnight in hotels with a full breakfast!

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