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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

WHO is Now Saying that Secondary Transmissions from Asymptomatic Virus Carriers are RARE!

UPDATE: As usual, WHO, after a backlash, is saying they misspoke and they don't really know what the heck they are talking about or whether asymptomatic people are major spreaders! Do they know anything about anything except that the Chinese Communist Party is their best friend? Are we surprised? Here's the new narrative: ‘We don’t actually have that answer yet’: WHO clarifies comments on asymptomatic spread of Covid-19

Let's see....We were all told to wear masks because of the possibility of asymptomatic individuals spreading coronavirus by infecting surfaces in stores, on grocery carts, on merchandise, etc. Now, as of yesterday, WHO is saying that secondary transmission from asymptomatic carriers is "very rare." In view of the fact that we are social distancing, exactly what is the point of wearing a mask? I personally do not want to reduce my oxygen intake, nor do I want to be rebreathing my own virus load.

Isn't it time to stop treating non-mask wearers like lepers who want to kill people? I have seen the divisiveness in my own parish. The lack of charity toward those who don't wear masks is breathtaking on the weekly pastor's "Rectory Ramblings" program. Parishioners are saying those who don't wear masks "should all stay home," or be segregated in a separate building. We are described as "uncharitable." Frankly, I'm waiting to be issued instructions to ring a bell and cry in a loud voice, "Unclean, unclean!"

Oh...and then there's the unintended consequence of all the plastic gloves and masks.
Masks: The New Plastic Pollution Epidemic
Oh goodness! What will Pope Francis say in this year of celebrating Laudato Si?


Sojourner said...

Thank you for the update. But I still don’t know why you keep railing on the subject. We have over 110,000 confirmed deaths in the United States alone. That is confirmed deaths not just an estimate like they do with the flu. And this virus is just getting started.. This is a very very serious pandemic.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"Confirmed" deaths? After all the revelations about padding the statistics you believe the numbers? I don't think there's been a death in the U.S. since March that hasn't been attributed to the virus. We've been fed lies and misinformation since the beginning of this to keep people on the edge of panic. Frightened people are easily controlled people. All of a sudden protests aren't a matter of concern for spreading the pandemic. Apparently, the virus knows the difference between protests against the draconian lockdowns and the protests by BLM and Antifa. I'm "railing" on the subject because we are seeing a very deliberate effort to advance the Marxist agenda. Any crisis will do. And now sections of Seattle have been taken over by the Utopian anarchists who are giving out "free food" How long will that last? This is the French Revolution redux. That ended in a reign of terror and mass executions of the innocent. History show us where this is going and it isn't a pretty picture.

Sojourner said...

You make a lot of statements but don’t back it up with anything. If you really want to see a breakdown of deaths per the CDC, here is a link. You will see many different causes of death counted by State each week in the US. And they are not all COVID by a long shot.

The virus is not just in the US. Have you seen reports around the world? Have you seen the horror happening in Brazil? New York State was at one time the epicenter of the world, headed on the same road that we see in Brazil right now. Unlike Brazil, NY did a total lockdown. The entire state is now opening up with some of the very lowest numbers in the nation. Other states that opened up much sooner are now spiking, Texas and CA are hitting the highest numbers they have seen since the pandemic began. But I guess if you choose not to believe that, stating facts won’t convince you.

Many, many experts have warned loudly about the dangers of the protests. They are very afraid we are going to see a major spike in the next few weeks. But how are you going to stop people from protesting? Should we just shoot them? I know a lot of cops would like to do just that.

I have no doubt that extremist groups are trying to take advantage of the current civil unrest. But maybe you haven’t noticed there are protests happening around the globe. There is no way you can lay the blame on extremists for everything we are seeing. Think about the horrific murder of George Floyd. You follow the lead of Trump and blame the crisis on the protestors. Have you not noticed cops murdering unarmed people for years? Don’t you think that might have something to do with the current situation?

We live in an evil nation. Our government supports the killing of unborn babies, which shows how little we value life. That alone is enough to destroy a nation. But there are so many other injustices and evils in our nation. What we are seeing now was inevitable, and it gives me no pleasure to say that.

Acolyte said...

The constant mention of BLACK LIVES MATTERS as evil and destructive is yet another example of this authors bias.
Yes there were riots, looting, vandalism,and and even deaths attributed to the protests. People with bad intentions against society exist in every fraction of human life.
All priests are not pedophiles. All Democrats do not support abortion. Black Lives Matters is a rally call over the continued systematic racism in this Country. And now this call is forever tied to police misconduct, brutality and profiling against people of color.
Police reforms as promised have still led to 5,000 plus fatal police shootings from 2015 - 2020. One thousand per year.

Can you explain and comment on why these massive marches post disturbance have included all races whole families from small all white towns to big cities in ALL 50 states, foreign countries, nurses, doctors, priests, Bishops, nuns,and people of all faiths. Holding signs in support of their brothers and sisters made in the image and likeness of Jesus. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Teaching their children that racism of any kind in wrong. Peaceful protests pleading for CHANGE.
Too many people watched Mr. Floyd die on live television. Too think there would not be a HUMAN reaction to that senseless murder is naive at best.

We are called as Christians to protect life from the unborn in the womb to life once born to the tomb.
God requires a whole life agenda on our part.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA should not be in the same sentence. Period.

The TRUTH is utilized in the name of this blog. Does it always have to be negative truth. Is their positive truth in this world?

' I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Acolyte, have you read the Black Lives Matter website? It is an evil organization that promotes the destruction of the nuclear family and endorses sodomy. No surprise, since it was founded by lesbians.

As for gathering a mob to support them, how many know what BLM stands for? The fact that all those folks join the pack proves absolutely nothing. How many screamed "Crucify Him!" Remember the mob filled with bishops and priests, pro-life groups, etc. who jumped on Nick Sandmann and the Covington kids slandering them as "racists" with nothing more than a jigged up lie from a native American activist looking for another 15 minutes of fame.

BLM is a Marxist organization. As I said, read their own website.

Fighting evil is, in fact, positive. We are called the Church Militant, not the Church picnic. The good news is that Christ saved us on the cross through His suffering and death. Good Friday didn't look very positive to the apostles. But it was necessary before Easter Sunday could happen.

I'd love to be happy clappy, but the times are serious as our country disintegrates through the efforts of evil people who are often enabled by the clueless and naive.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sojourner, you are a typical liberal who hates our country and jumps on bandwagon with those who want to bring her down. The United States has many evils for which to atone. Certainly the government treatment of native Americans was a particular horror. But we are also a generous country that has enabled many hopeless people fleeing persecution at home (Ireland, Germany, Cuba, etc.) to make a new life.

The demonization of police is evil. Follow your own sanctimonious advice about offering facts about deaths involving police. The accusation of systemic racism is a myth. Yes, there are rogue cops. But how many heroic police have died in the line of duty? Read the Wall Street Journal article. They are not exactly a bastion of conservatism.

Sojourner said...

Mary Ann, you are living in your own reality. You live in your nice segregated white suburb totally divorced from anyone who does not look like you. (I looked it up. Your city is over 91% white. ). Do you ever watch the news? Yes there are good cops. There were a lot of good Nazis too. But that doesn’t make up for all the harm that the bad ones do.Are you aware of the long, long list of unarmed black people killed by the police? Do you know the history of racism in this country? There is an entire museum devoted to the history of lynching in this country. Maybe you ought to take a look at it.

I find it interesting that you do not answer any of my comments about Covid. That’s another delusion that you seem to live in. It must be very difficult to live with so much hate and anger.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I lived in Alexandria for over thirty years, Sojourner where we offered a shelter home for moms in crisis of any color. I've posted plenty of facts about COVID as you are well aware since you can't stay away from my blog. As for the "long, long" list of unarmed black people killed by're the one who is delusional. It simply isn't true. And the fact that others participated in lynching has nothing to do with the police. Mobs are great at killing as the current riots show, since to honor George Floyd at least seventeen have been murdered including at least two black police officers. Why don't you take liberal claptrap elsewhere.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Acolyte, I'm not posting any more of your comments on this. You too, Sojourner. Go start your own blogs.

Lise Baur said...

No Christian of any denomination can support Black Lives Matter. BLM is antithetical to authentic Christian teaching on marriage, family, private property, race, and education. (This list is just the highlights not the all inclusive list.)

And before you accuse me of living with privilege, I come from the Northwest side of Detroit. I was born into a working class neighborhood in Detroit (not a suburb). By the time I was 10, my sister and I were the only white kids on the block. We had a very nice neighborhood. But it turned rough, not because of the black families but because of the white trash that lived on on our block. Yes, the white people brought drugs and trouble.

Sojourner, to your comment about the long list of black people who have been killed by police, surely you know of an even LONGER list of white people who have been killed by police? Or are you just paying attention to a certain color of skin? The point is that PEOPLE are being killed by SOME bad police. Yes, people as in people of all races and backgrounds. And that fact does not in any way diminish their tragedy.

Do you know the name of Duncan Lemp? Why not? I will tell you why not, because the story doesn't fit your little fantasy that black people are targeted by police. This young man was friends with my son. He was no saint but he did not deserve to be shot and killed inside his bedroom at 4am. The police were outside of his parent's house "serving a warrant". Where did this happen? In Potomac MD. Yes, Potomac the very wealthy suburb of DC. Where's the riots? Where's the outrage for Duncan? NONE. NOT. ONE. PEEP. His life was just as valuable as George Floyd's. His story just as tragic.

Black Lives Matter is a huge lie. It is designed to keep black people angry so they vote for democrats and liberals and not solve the problems that plague the black community. Problems like babies being born out of wedlock that is if they are allowed to be born at all which is another problem: Abortion. (I'd be angry too if I was told I had to kill off my children to get the life I wanted.) Absent fathers because of Johnson's "Great Society". What scam that turned out to be?! High crime and imprisonment rates due to high rates of unemployment. But all these problems can be solved by the individual making good decisions about their lives. But that is not what Black Lives Matter wants everyone to believe. They want to keep people focused on anger, victimhood and self pity and those things do nothing for a person to live a fulfilling life.

There was a time when my son was constantly getting into trouble with the law. And he was getting a bad attitude about police. He thought the police were after him. I told him to stop giving the police an excuse to get after him. I told him he had to make better decisions about what he was doing. I told him he had to get off the path he was on and to straighten up. Since he was a young adult, he had control of his own actions, and he and only he was to blame for all the trouble. He took my advice. It is been more than 36 months without a run in with the law. And he can take full credit for that turn around and feel good that he learned from his mistakes. AND THE BEST PART IS, EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN CAN DO THIS SAME THING!!! That is what makes our country so great.

Dymphna said...

I think a lot of people want to hang on to Covid because they can't face the idea that the nation overreacted and most of us were taken for fools.