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Thursday, December 17, 2020

While We're on the Subject of Nativities, Here's My Favorite for 2020!

A very sweet (and proud) little four-year-old presented me with this a few days ago. What a fortunate and blessed grandmother I am. This is absolutely my favorite 2020 nativity. 

Let's examine the elements. The creative artist included the two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, that are moving toward conjunction to create the Christmas Star. The shepherds have all gone back to care for their sheep, but the wise men have arrived with their gifts. All of the characters are so happy (Just look at those smiles!) that they are levitating with joy except for the one king (No doubt the youngest.) who is more earth-bound with his feet planted firmly on the ground. I suspect the "flying king" is the oldest getting ready to "fly" to heaven after the most joyful event of his life. 

The angel flutters above all the rest looking out at the faithful with a "Hosanna in the Highest!" smile. Like St. Nicholas, she has a gift and is ready to drop it down the chimneys of the world symbolized by the green orb which has a handle to remind us that God has the whole world in his hands. You can almost hear the angel singing, "Oh come, all ye faithful." 

Baby Jesus calmly sleeps through it all unaware of the joyful commotion caused by his birth. 

As for the red thing, I suppose it is a building in the distance at Bethlehem.  Or, perhaps, the artist included it as a humorous element,  a fire hydrant, because his puppy, Scooby, interrupted him during the creative process. 

The final elements are the stable strung with Christmas lights and the message to all -- Peace on earth (to men of good will). Oh...and the snowflake, obviously a prophetic foreseeing of the huge snowfall we just had here in Woodstock. The little artist and his siblings were looking forward to the snow. (Mom and Dad bought them saucers for sledding.)

May these final days of Advent, as we begin the O Antiphons, bring you so much joy you levitate (or feel like you are) on Christmas day. Joy to the world, the Lord is (almost) here!


Susan Matthiesen said...

It's beautiful! I love it. It shows how imaginative nativities can be... just like the Vatican's which was created by teenagers so long ago.

Evangeline said...

I love the nativity, love the interpretation. A work of art, which will go down in the annals of history. Perhaps at some museum some day as a fine example of American folk art.
You certainly are a blessed Grandma.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I thank God for my grandchildren every day. And I thank my children for being so generous in giving life. My husband and I really are blessed and we well know it!

Dymphna said...

That's beautiful.

Unknown said...

And no spaceman! This would be beautiful in St Peters Square don’t you think?