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Monday, March 15, 2021

Blaspheming Our Blessed Mother counts as "preaching the Bible" for protestants

"Doing good" means killing Catholics.
Catholic Truth always wins any debate so even if we're not the most erudite person on earth, we know we'll win with God's Truth, however weak the instrument we are that He uses. 

Below in this post you'll see that after 500 years Protestants still blaspheme Our Blessed Mother, despise the pope, say the Catholic Church is Satanic and viciously hate Catholics because they think we're devil worshippers and idolaters (Francis' Pachamama stunt did not endear protestants to the Church). And that's not all. Remember the French Revolution? The Spanish Civil War? The Mexican anti-Cristero War? Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Islam, ISIS, Freemasons. That's just the past 250 years. 

Taking all that into account, the Catholic Church decided to make itself more likeable, happier, nicer yet still retain its meaningfulness by having women dancing with flowing scarves in liturgies filled with laughing and clapping. So happy! Happy Catholics. 

Casting aside their priestly role, priests became practically clueless as to what they were priests FOR because they thought if they didn't talk about sin and death or faith and morals, they'd be more likeable and other people would not want to kill them or us. Wrong!

Did the Church think that after Vatican II, with all the people and priests being so nice and happy, that the rest of the world would accept us and not want to kill us anymore? If so, that plan did not work. They still hate the Catholic Church and still want to rid the world of Catholics so all that happy niceness of the past 60 post-Vatican II years did nothing but horribly weaken the Church.

The following is an exchange I had on a Frontpage Mag article, Catholic Leaders Betray Mary's Honor for Muhammad's Approval, with anti-Catholic protestants. (Note: I did not change anyone's grammar or spelling.) 

Anti-Catholic #1 - The roman catholic mary is a demon wh0re. 

Anti-Catholic #2 - You are IDOLATERS! You call a mere man Pope and give him divine names like "holy father" even calling him a "vicar" of Christ etc. You bow before statues and paintings, give them name such ad Peter and Mary, you sing to them, worship them, bring them offerings and pray to them. You have other IDOLATROUS practices like incantations, recitations, and the rosary. You kiss the Pope's ring and the rings of the cardinals, archbishops, and bishops, you kneel before them in the most GROSS of ways. The entire SCHEME of your organization erroneously called a "church" which is NOT, is based on the religion of the Roman Empire, whose Emperor was also the Pontifex Maximus of the religion, btw also one of the titles of the Pope. You call a statue "Mary" and believe that statue to be the "mother of god". You IDOLATRY is GROSS and abominable. Idolatry which are ALL of your DOGmas, teachings, and practices are equated in the Bible the same as worshiping Demons.

Protestant holy card (haha).
Me: Shame on you poor ignorant anti-Catholics. "In his great rebellion, Satan, the serpent, had chosen his weapon - woman (Eve). So the Almighty, having granted Satan the choice, would now fight back with the same weapon (Mary). She would be the instrument by which Satan's rebellion would at last be crushed underfoot. The Woman of God's Genesis 3:15 prophecy would bring redemption, salvation, and ultimate victory for Heaven and defeat for Hell." (The Weapon: Chaining the gates of Hell with the Holy Rosary)

Anti-Catholic #3 - Susan, it is kindly meant, but it was not woman who brought "redemption, salvation and ultimate victory from Heaven and defeat for Hell." Clearly it is the Seed of the woman who brings all this plus more. Mary was merely the woman Yahweh chose to bring forth our Beloved, who was fully God and fully man. Mary was a precious and ordinary woman whose "firstborn" has offered salvation to those who believe and repent of their sins.

Anti-Catholic #4 - Susan, if you read Genesis 3:15, you will see that it is the *fruit* of the woman, *not* the woman herself, who bruises the Serpent's head. Obviously, the woman's fruit, over the long haul, is Jesus. Unfortunately and sadly, the traditionalist Catholic interpretation of that verse emasculates its meaning.

Me: 'Scuse me? Does Genesis 3:15 not say that between THE WOMAN and Satan there would be enmity? "I will put enmities between thee and THE WOMAN, and thy seed and her seed. She shall crush thy head and thou shalt in wait for her heel." Here God chooses THE SAME weapon that Satan chose - a woman. She shall crush Satan by HER SEED - JESUS CHRIST. The use of "ipsa" or "ipsum" is the same since HER SEED is Jesus Christ. It is through her that Jesus comes to us to crush Satan. You do not understand what the Immaculate Conception is - Eve had original sin. Mary did not. Therefore original sin was not passed to Christ. Mary had to be sinless in order for Christ to be born sinless. With Mary, God outwitted Satan.

Anti-Catholic #4 - The New American Bible, a Catholic translation, has God saying to the serpent, "He (the seed) will crush your head while you shall bruise his heel." IOW, Jesus does the actual crushing, not the woman. The actual, direct crushing is being talked about here. If the woman did the actual crushing, she would have been crucified for human sin and resurrected to destroy death, the ultimate consequence of sin. She wasn't. Jesus was. In my experience, too few Christians (not just Catholics) understand the real meaning of blood redemption, which the Mosaic Law illustrated through its constant demand for sacrifice.

Anti-Catholic #5 - Yeah... If you worshiped Christ Jesus as much as the satanic catholic fake church worships Mary you might have something worthwhile to say...Regardless... the satanic catholic fake church was built upon lies and teaches they worship the same fake god allah of satanic islam. A fake god who has no Sons for Salvation...
Get this...
The satanic catholic fake church doesn't need Jesus... they have...
1) The Poopie as the vicar on earth
2) Mary as the intercessor
3) Dead saints to pray to
4) Purgatory Prison to serve time for wiping away sins
The only thing the satanic catholic fake church wants Jesus for... is for cannibalization... something to eat...

Me: John 6:48-59. "...Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, you have no life in you...." Jesus Christ said it, Catholics do it. Protestants, for all their "taking the Bible literally word for word", are hypocrites because if they believed the Bible literally like they say, they would be Catholics. Therefore protestants CHANGE THE MEANING OF OUR LORD'S WORDS to suit their personal opinion. So "cannibalism" is their definition of something they refuse to understand the deeper meaning of because they are afraid of having to stop being hypocrites, recognizing the truth of the scriptures and becoming - horrors of horrors - a member of the Church that Jesus Christ founded - the Catholic Church.

Catholic alligators cornering protestants.
Anti-Catholic #3 - Susan, the first generation of believers were first called "The Way"...plain and simple. The Catholic Church did not come about for a few hundred years. So no, the church Jesus established was not the Catholic Church, in fact, the Catholic Church does not reflect the original church of Christ at all.

Anti-Catholic #4 - Susan, Jesus is referring to a supernatural phenomenon: he, his father and the Holy Spirit will take up both Supernatural and literal residence in anyone who believes in him. See John 14:23. Jesus could not have been referring to the literal drinking of blood, because as a first-century Jew, Jesus would have viewed the consumption of blood as the ultimate sacrilege. That comes straight from the Old Testament Mosaic law.

Me: Don't you think that the first century Christians knew this since they were Jewish? Why do you think Jesus was killed? If you read the ENTIRE chapter of John 6 in a bible that has not been changed by protestants, you will discover the BREAD OF LIFE. The LIVING BREAD that Christ said we must eat to have life in us. Remember that Jesus is GOD therefore it is not the flesh of a mere man he talked about but the flesh of God - the divine spirit. Chapter 6 begins with the Loaves and Fishes (miraculously feeding the people) then later Jesus mentions the Manna from Heaven in the desert (miraculously feeding the people) then he goes into His Bread of Life Discourse (miraculously feeding the people). He certainly did not mean that the disciples were to cannibalize His body! Did they not see the Risen Lord whole and entire without little chunks of his body bitten out by anyone? Is Jesus not in Heaven whole and entire right this very moment with nary a tooth mark on Him?

Anti-Catholic #4 - "Don't you think that the first century Christians knew this since they were Jewish?" Then why did Jesus' disciples have trouble understanding His words? Why did He say to them, "My words are spirit and My words are life. The flesh profits nothing"? He was referring to a supernatural phenomenon, not merely a physical one. Susan, the Catholic doctrine of the Real Presence, in conjunction with transubstantiation, has one fatal flaw. According to Catholic doctrine, the Real Presence leaves the body before the host is fully digested because Christ is no longer in the host's bread. The problem is that this ignores Christ's words signifying an eternal presence within those who believe in Him. He said "I will never leave you nor forsake you." How could He do that if the Real Presence leaves the human body before the host is digested?

Anti-Catholic #5 - Christ Jesus, Peter, Polycarp and probably Linus had NOTHING to do with the creation of the satanic catholic fake church...The satanic catholic fake church laid claim to their names 300+ years after their deaths...Thus... if you're gonna pretend to be "literal"... tell me how you get the skin and meat/flesh of Jesus to eat? You're a Quack! Serving the fake god allah of satanic islam...

Me: You obviously have no interest in learning what God wants or even who God is, do you? If you happen to go to Purgatory because of your ignorance - and I say IF, because your hatred of the Catholic Church and Christ's mother (since He is God, she is the Mother of God. She is also the daughter of God the Father, the mother of God the Son and the spouse of God the Holy Spirit)...because of your hatred of her my guess is that your place in eternity possibly might be with the biggest hater of her of all. The one who hates her most of all is Satan. Is that what you want? To be with Satan? I'll pray some Hail Marys for you. BTW - the Hail Mary is in the Bible. Look it up.

Anti-Catholic #5 - Where does it say... "No one comes unto the Father except through Mary"??? Everything you say here is about Mary... YOU Mary worshipers are all QUACKS! catholicism is satanic!!!

Me: I repeat, the Hail Mary is in Holy Scripture, however it seems as if you are afraid to look those passages up. Jesus says, "No man cometh to the Father except by me". But how do we get to Jesus? Jesus did not come from the Father to us by suddenly zooming down to earth from outer space as a fully grown man, therefore we zoom our frantic prayers back up to him willy-nilly. He came to us through his mother, the Virgin Mary whose spouse is the Holy Spirit. Therefore we can get to Jesus through Mary and she can offer our prayers to her Son who will then go to the Father. The Triune God will listen to her since God loves her more than ...well...more than you obviously do. You do not endear yourself to God by blaspheming His Holy Mother. You are treading on a dangerous path - one where you might find your prayers unanswered.

Anti-Catholic #5 - I have Christ Jesus as my Lamb of God... whereas I have direct access to the Father anytime I need...
Therefore NO ONE needs Mary or any dead saint...
Obviously YOU don't understand having a relationship with God & the Word of God made Flesh, Christ Jesus...

Anti-Catholic #6 - Are you for real? Of course you are, obviously a devout Catholic. That being said, there is no need for anyone to go through someone else, in this case Mary, to ask that Jesus hear their prayers. Sadly, that is church doctrine and taught to the faithful. I am a Protestant, we believe in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No one has to intercede on our behalf, we pray and Jesus hears our prayers. We can read the Bible, we don't need anyone to interpret the Bible for us. Only Jesus can forgive our sins, not a priest nor any other person. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior it changes our lives; we are born again in Jesus Christ. The changes are profound and affect every aspect of our lives. No priest, no church official, can so radically change a person's life. This is the reason so many people join Protestant churches. They want that personal relationship with Jesus in their lives, that core of belief that he hears their prayers and he loves us all.

Me: I was a protestant for half my life so don't think that I don't know anything about Jesus being my Lord and Savior or having a personal relationship with Jesus or converting to Christ or reading the Bible and interpreting it as my own personal opinion wanted it to mean for me. Unfortunately protestants will never know the fullness nor the richness of the true faith since they hate the Church that Christ founded so much. Protestants swoon over Jesus being their Lord and Savior and all the biblical teaching that none of the protestant sects agree upon with each other since each person interprets it themselves. And as for you, (anti-Catholic #2) you say that you have Christ Jesus as your Lamb of God. Catholics consume the Host which is the Lamb of God - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. Therefore Jesus is always with us. And the saints are not dead. They - just like your mother and father and your relatives - are alive in eternity. It's called the Church know...HEAVEN. Eternal life. People ALIVE in the spirit up there. They're not dead. But I guess that's your protestant pastor's errant personal opinion that he teaches you to think.

Anti-Catholic #5 - Do you even realize what you're saying? That it took you being a Protestant in order to belief in having a relationship with Christ Jesus. Whereas the satanic catholic fake church teaches to have a relationship with dead saints and Mary...

Wrong pope...Francis won't let anyone kiss his ring.
Me: It's useless to talk to people like you. Like Our Lord said, "Do not throw pearls to the swine."

Anti-Catholic #5 - You're defending the satanic catholic fake church... you do realize how satanic it is... aye?

Me: MARY IS THE ARK OF THE NEW COVENANT. Got it? Now the demons inhabiting your body can 
start screeching and howling. The Ark of the Old Covenant carried God inside the Ark. Mary - the Ark of the New Covenant - carried God within her. That's why the Old Covenant Ark will never be found. OMG! I can hear the screeching and howling from here. Also, from the cross Jesus gave us Mary as our mother. Demeaning and blaspheming the mother he loves will never endear your to Our Lord. But then you don't really care, do you. You really don't want to know the truth about anything at all especially the most important thing in your life - God.

Anti-Catholic #1 - your demon church was not founded by Jesus Christ. IN fact your church did not exist during Bible times. you church is the wh0re of babylon founded by constantine in 333 ad. 

Anti-Catholic #5 - you are a full of crap liar. Jesus NEVER called her mother so he did not favor her at all. He called her 'woman' at Cana wedding. you are a satan worshiping church. you pray to a false and demonic dead woman who would have denied. Further, ever wonder why you people have so many exorcisms? It's because Satan has a hold on your members. Those demons inhabit you because YOU are his children. You are a fool. She was not an 'ark' you devil worshiper. The Ark of the covenant was an inanimate object. You are a clown with your lies.
Sigh. It isn't that I gave up. It's just that at some point, there's nothing to gain so I decided to "not throw pearls to the swine" anymore. Their demons within can go prowl about other internet articles seeking the ruin of souls.


  1. As I was reading your thread, the thought occurred to me, a memory from my favorite movie Gladiator: “We who are about to die, salute you”! One gladiator against five. And you acquitted yourself with honor. I know how these things go, especially Catholics v Protestants. Brought me a smile, the sheer panache.

    The bigotry on display in this thread is very similar to that which ultimately led me into the Church. It is emotion-driven, angry, hate-filled; and I had to ask myself, surrounded by such rhetoric, why do they hate this so much? They are willing to discuss openly any other topic on earth, no matter how controversial, but this one about Catholics inspires red-faced apoplectic rage. The turning point came in an “Understanding Catholics” Sunday School class in which we talked about who can and cannot go to heaven (no Catholics allowed there). And I stated my opinion that, “of course *most* Catholics won’t be in heaven but I can’t believe *ALL* Catholics are going to hell. What about Mother Theresa (back then she was current and revered by all)? Surely you are not saying God is going to place her in eternal damnation hell fire”? And because she was “trying to *work her way to heaven* it was most certainly claimed “going to hell for sure”. One man in particular, I remember asserted that claim with angry vehemence. I think he was the one, really, who inspired me to attend a Mass for the first time (after which nothing would ever be the same).

    You did a really good job of not getting angry with them. You brought in the essentials, but didn’t return their sarcasm and hate with your own.

    It is really important to remember you (we) are planting seeds in these types of discussions and interchanges. How you say a thing can be as important as what you say. As in I Cor 13, “if there is not love there is nothing” (paraphrase). Not just the five commenters but all the silent observers out there watching and processing are witness now to Truth and a member of God’s Holy Mother Church (there is only one) speaking it. Who knows when a seed may take root and grow? Words spoken in anger will *always* be unfruitful (but for the grace of God). Confidence and peace in your faith is what I sensed in reading your conversation transcript. And I am quite sure others noticed it as well, on the Protestant side.

    The victories that are won, ALWAYS belong to God (thank God!). We never need to worry about winning anything except the struggle with our own sinful inclinations. Be a witness for God, His Blessed Mother, our Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church and Her Magisterial authority through its Apostolic line under the Pope. And let God, in His Divine Providence, direct the course of His Story.

  2. I came from their perspective. Becoming Catholic had improved my thinking. And calmed a lot of fruitless emotionalism.