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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fr. Tom Collins Weighs in on Treatment of the Wuhan Virus with Evidence about the Effectiveness of Ivermectin

Editor's comment: I started showing symptoms of the Wuhan virus on March 1st and went to the emergency room on March 2nd after a nurse friend suggested I needed to get lab work and a chest X-ray. All the tests were normal, but the ER called the next day to say the Covid test was positive and I should "tough it out." 

And it was tough. I couldn't eat because of nausea (although I never lost the sense of taste or smell) and had a roller coaster temperature rising to 103+ degrees at one point. I spent about ten days mostly in bed feeling as bad as I ever had. My son asked me if it was worse than chemotherapy and the answer was yes, since I usually had only one day of sickness after chemo treatments. This was continuous. 

With all the protocols available, the ER offered me nothing even though, at almost 74 and with an autoimmune disease, I was in the most vulnerable group for complications,  hospitalization, and death. (Only a 94% survival rate instead of 99.8% for younger folks. LOL! I never worried about dying since I'd been using all the prophylactic strategies for months and, despite all the hype, I knew the high survival rates. Really? I should panic over a 94-95% likelihood of recover?) 

On the fourth day of my illness at home I called the Frontline Doctors and booked a consultation. One of their doctors called me back early the next morning. We discussed my particular situation and he ordered a prescription for Ivermectin which was delivered the next day. Within four or five days my temperature was back to normal and isolation was no longer necessary. (The ER called to check on me and said after three days of normal temps I could go back to regular activities.)

How many people have died needlessly because of failure to treat even after effective protocols were known. Swamp doc Anthony Fauci knew that HCQ was effective against coronaviruses in 2005. But Trump wasn't president then. In 2019/2020 the virus was an effective tool to dump Trump by destroying his booming economy and scaring the country into draconian lockdowns and stupid ineffective strategies. Not once did Fauci and his bogies give information about how to boost the immune system. Not once did they tell the public that Vitamin D3 was absolutely essential to survival and that most people who died were seriously deficient. He used his bully pulpit to foment fear and help Big Government, Big Tech, and Big Pharma to collude to suppress information from board certified physicians that would have saved many lives. But GET TRUMP was the main goal and ensuring that people suffered boosted their plan! Every single death was his fault!

Fauci and his clan, in my opinion, are guilty of crimes against humanity -- and they may not be done yet. The gene therapy "vaccine" is already killing and injuring thousands. It's unnecessary and risky. Will exposure to the next coronavirus outbreak cause a super-immune response in many vaccinated humans as it did in experimental animals and kill large numbers? Time will tell. Of course, if that happens they'll blame it on a new variant and will push another vaccine.

And now for the comments from my friend Fr. Tom Collins. He asks:

Why take an expensive experimental “vaccine” when proven, low-cost and effective therapies for COVID-19 have been available to us for over a year? Inquiring minds want to know.

Apparently, the FDA has been careful to approve new COVID-19 “vaccines” for emergency

experimental use only. It is very much like its approval for the use of experimental treatments

for patients suffering from terminal illnesses, for which no conventional treatments have been effective. But such “vaccines” have not actually been given certified by the FDA as either safe or effective.

It seems that, aside from numerous serious immediate side effects, the new mRNA “vaccines”,

while somewhat effective against COVID-19, tend to compromise the agility and ability of our natural immune system required to deal with other strains of the corona virus, as well as the consequent infections caused by opportunistic bacteria invading the body.

Thus, with the advent of the flu season this fall, we can expect a massive “second wave” of more lethal viral infections, which will be again used by government officials to severely limit the exercise of our basic civil rights - and even to directly violate those rights because of newly declared national security and health “emergencies”.

And all this will be exacerbated by the Biden Administration, which has spawned a tsunami of undocumented migrants, gang members and hostile foreign agents (e.g., “sleeper cells and jihadists) crossing our borders. And even though many of those coming into our nation are infected with COVID-19 and other contagious diseases, their overwhelming numbers and the inability of border agents to screen such number result in many of those infected being sent around our nation. And as they wait for up to three years for a hearing on their cases by our immigration courts, they are permitted to bring these serious infections to the communities, into which they settle.

It is worth remembering, then, that the teaching of Christ regarding dealing with demons given in Matt 12:43-45 also applies to infectious diseases. If not dealt with properly and decisively, they do return to plague us even more severely.

Thus it is no wonder that the promoters of the Cult of Degradation, Desecration and Death are so eager to support the imposition of debilitating “vaccines” on all of us, as well as the lucrative human trafficking businesses of coyotes and cartels. These latter, by distracting border agents from their normal duties of stopping drug smugglers, open our borders to a new tsunami of illegal, debilitating and lethal drugs – all under the Marxist banner of “social justice”.

God save us!

Fr. Thomas Collins

Hot Springs VA


Susan said...

Thanks so very much, Mary Ann, for revealing your Covid experience. I hope you’ve fully recovered. It sounds frightening.

Evangeline said...

Well put. If only the average American would ask the Biden administration WHY, if they are truly so worried about Covid, they have encouraged an invasion of people definitely carrying Covid and other diseases, and distributing those people around our country. Do Democrats seriously not know this is happening? They must. Do Democrats worship at the altar of wokeness so much, that to even question this influx is to them "racist". So fearful of being called that dreaded name, they would risk their own lives and the lives of their loved ones? Truly our nation is under a spell, and as a people we no longer think rationally.
Under no condition does this reality make sense, to try to restrict freedoms on the one hand and work to bring in more of the thing you claim to care about. The numbers in the US were improving, and the Democrats are doing their best to seed America with Covid again.
How can Democrats not see this.
That being said, I think the average Democrat voter does not yet realize, they have no more say or influence on the administration than non-Democrats do. This they do not yet know. Now in power, voters mean nothing to those people, be they Republicans or Democrats. We are all now, the rabble and deplorables. Watch as they find that out, when they protest the effects in their own neighborhoods.

Susan said...

We don’t need vaccines. You should not have been sent home from the ER empty handed to “tough it out” without treatment options. This link tells a shocking story from a good doctor’s perspective:

Edison Frisbee said...

Thank you for highlighting the Frontline Doctors and their ability to prescribe meds....I was unaware of this option!