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Friday, March 12, 2021

The On-Going Saga of BLM/ANTIFA: It's Communism on Steroids!

Bet you weren't aware that violent protests continue in Portland. The locals are certainly aware and they've had it! But for the rest of liberal loony land -- who cares about those racist, white privileged supremacists. Let their city burn!

Ho-hum! Riots have become such a regular event, why bother covering it any more? After all, the BLM/Antifa activists are peace loving patriots. They just set fire to buildings to keep warm and destroy and loot property to help the poor. Yeah, really, destroying poor neighborhoods and driving out businesses so the locals have nowhere to shop.

What used to be a safe and beautiful city is nothing but a burned out war zone. And the left who went absolutely ballistic about the protest at the Capitol on January 6th by "Trump supporters domestic terrorists" continue to enable the violent, murderous behavior of the radical left in cities all over the country. Chauvin's trial is likely to spark another series of riot disasters. And, of course, cities run by Democrats operate a revolving door for lawbreakers while they vilify the local boys in blue for trying to protect the rights and safety of residents.

Well...let's face it...all pigs are equal, but radical pigs are more equal than others. Hmm...I guess we can't use Orwell's image of pigs these days since the left means the cops when they use that imagery. Perhaps we can replace it with the Democrats' jackass. There are certainly plenty of those among BLM/Antifa supporters including a number wearing pectoral crosses and roman collars.

I'm listening to Andy Ngo's book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. 

Anyone who's bought into the left's propaganda about Antifa and BLM needs to read this courageous photojournalist's story. He's paid a price for exposing the radical roots of these Communist front groups. During the Minneapolis riots Ngo was beaten so badly he was hospitalized and suffered serious post traumatic anxiety. Nevertheless, he went on to infiltrate CHAZ/CHOP and document the violence in that Portland experiment in anarchy that resulted in numerous deaths and extensive property damage. Ah...but the Dems called it a love fest. Somehow I doubt the families of the dead agreed.

Meanwhile, Democrat run cities continue to hamper the police, defund them, and leave normal citizens at the mercy of black-clad thugs and bullies. Most of the deaths from these "peace-loving" anarchists involved young black men and even children. So much for their mantra that "black lives matter." 

The common denominator in all these events is the desire to destroy America and capitalism and replace it with the same socialist disasters that turned Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina and other prosperous countries into poverty zones with food shortages, long lines, and massive suffering. 

Of course the suffering never encompasses the ruling class. Can you imagine Nancy having to eat store-brand ice cream? Not likely. Or get her hair colored at the local barber shop? Stop laughing.

Oh...and by the way. One thing Communists love to do is hide the truth about who they are and what they stand for. BLM was founded by avowed, self-proclaimed Marxists. Among their goal is the breakdown and destruction of the nuclear family. But guess what! They've scrubbed that information from their website. After all, how do you recruit normal people as useful dupes and fellow travelers if they actually realize that you hate them and want to destroy their families and take their children?

Read Ngo's book. It's time to stop letting the mainstream media form your mind by whitewashing the truth. Remember the reports that the feds were kidnapping people in unmarked vans and disappearing them? It was nothing but a boldfaced lie -- one my liberal sister tried to foist off on me in her hate Trump hysteria. The fact is that using unmarked cars is a typical police tactic. Every person arrested was read their Miranda rights, taken and booked at the local precinct by uniformed police officers. Most of them were out and about within hours to cause more mayhem and few suffered any legal consequences. But reality is a lot more boring than hysterical stories put out as propaganda.

At any rate, I plan to go to the grocery store, buy a choice selection of cheeses, meats, crackers, and cookies and take it to the local police station with my grandchildren whom I will ask to write thank-you notes. It's high time we let the police know exactly how much we appreciate their service and protection. 

Of course, if you're a liberal, just call Antifa. I'm sure they'll be there to protect your life and property.

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