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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Topsy and Tuptim Meet at the D.C. Border Wall to Discuss Chapter 4 of Tutti Frutti

Topsy and Tuptim get off the metro at Union Station and walk toward the Capitol. They each have a grocery bag filled with snacks and gift cards to share with the homeless and the National Guard. 

Tuptim: You know, Topsy, I'm not sure this was such a good idea. The Capitol has turned into a war zone.

Topsy: (laughing) Don't be so dramatic. I went to college in D.C. at Trinity in Northeast near the shrine. They were losing the faith even then. Nancy Pelosi is another alumna although she graduated several years before I started. And I got my Masters degree at George Washington University. I know this city like the back of my hand -- where it's safe to walk and the neighborhoods you need to avoid. I student taught in the Shaw district -- talk about a devastated area! There are still boarded up buildings left over from the 1968 riots after Martin Luther King was assassinated. [Pensively...] Trinity closed and sent us all home. With all the BLM/Antifa rioting these days it all feels like deja vu on steroids. [Sighs...] If only people would just love God and His Commandments

Tuptim: Well, I'm glad you know where we're going. [They stop to say hello to an elderly woman sitting on a park bench surrounded by her belongings. Tuptim takes a brown bag lunch out of her pack and a gift card and hands them to her. They chat a few minutes before continuing their walk.]

Topsy: [musing] So many needy people. I wonder where her family is. 

Tuptim: Many people living on the street have mental health issues. Maybe her children try to help and she won't let them.

Topsy: [nodding and sighing]. I get it. I have a brother who's gone now. I used to call him my "great brother" because he lived on a grate for several years. He was so angry at family he didn't even let us know where he was. It's puzzling why so many turn on their families when they suffer from mental illness. When my dad died we tried to find him, but couldn't. Later on he blamed us for that too. 

Tuptim: Wow, Topsy, I had no idea. I'm so sorry.

Topsy: There was finally a sort of reconciliation at an Epiphany party my mom hosted. But then he died very suddenly of a heart attack just two months later. It was tragic. I have Masses said for him often. I think he had waked up like the prodigal son and turned back, but never had a chance to return home to the Father and be welcomed with the fatted calf. But I'm confident God hears our prayers for our loved ones. 

Tuptim: What a sad story. He's fortunate to have you for a sister. Mary said at Fatima that many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them. Your brother doesn't have to worry about that!

Topsy: .... So much sorrow. This really is a valley of tears! [She gestures taking in the panorama before them of the Capitol surrounded by the unscalable 7-foot wall.] And what's happened to this beautiful city is tragic as well. My husband and I met at the old Main Navy building on Constitution Ave.....where the Vietnam Memorial is now. We courted on the Mall. After we married we continued to work in D.C. and came into the city with friends occasionally to go to the theatre or restaurants. We had an annual subscription at the Folger for a time. I sure wouldn't do that today. With the growth in BLM and Antifa violence in D.C. I wouldn't come near the city at night. I think of the Holy Thursday reading. "Judas went out, and it was night." Demons love the dark!

[They approach the fence around the Capitol.]

Tuptim: This gives me the creeps. I was in northern Ireland once and everywhere you went there were soldiers in military garb carrying rifles. It looked a lot like this. I was never so happy to leave a place in my life. [They stop to talk to a group of national guard soldiers and share snacks and gift cards to Chik-fil-A.] We hear they aren't feeding you very well! We hope you can go home to your families soon. [The men smile and accept the cards and brown bags with thanks.]

Topsy: [As they walk along the fence...] Interesting isn't it that our "rulers" surround themselves with razor wire fences and armed military to keep the people out of our own Capitol while they encourage open borders allowing an on-going invasion at the southern border by illegals? It's almost a joke. [She indicates a bench.] This seems like as good place as any to discuss Chapter 4 of FT. 

Tuptim: [laughing...] I hoped you'd forgotten about it. I get so tired of this pope's politically correct one-world globalist religion. All his documents are long, sanctimonious, and they often insult your intelligence.

Topsy: [rolling her eyes] I know what you mean. He's so predictable and so, so boringly preachy with his leftist messages. Chapter IV is filled with his open borders mantra. You'd think he worked for the Biden administration.

Tuptim: Hmmm...I think he does philosophically. I noticed from the very beginning of the chapter that he focuses on globalism and never makes a distinction between legal and illegal immigration and certainly doesn't respect a country's right to protect her borders. Listen to this. [She reads...]

Ideally, unnecessary migration ought to be avoided; this entails creating in countries of origin the conditions needed for a dignified life and integral development.

I watched an interview between Tucker Carlson and the president of El Salvador the other day. They were talking about how bad migration is for both the country losing citizens and the country being invaded. El Salvador has lost something like a third of their population to the U.S. And who goes? The young, the workers, the most ambitious... those who have the most potential to improve their own countries.

Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez, President of El Salvador describes the negative
impact of immigration on both the country of origin and the receiving country.

[Tuptim continues reading....] 

Yet until substantial progress is made in achieving this goal, we are obliged to respect the right of all individuals to find a place that meets their basic needs and those of their families, and where they can find personal fulfilment.

Topsy: Wow...note the language: "we are obliged to respect the right of all individuals" to essentially go wherever they want despite the laws of other countries... where they can find "personal fulfilment" -- whatever that means. Does it include the drug cartels making money smuggling people into the U.S. at $3 - $5 thousand a pop? Or those involved in human trafficking? Hey! No need to follow laws and policies for applying for legal entry. Just pay the cartels and go and those other countries are obliged to meet your desires and expectations. What a prescription for disaster! And that's exactly what we're seeing at the border -- an unmitigated disaster. [Tuptim continues reading...]

Our response to the arrival of migrating persons can be summarized by four words: welcome, protect, promote and integrate. For “it is not a case of implementing welfare programmes from the top down, but rather of undertaking a journey together, through these four actions, in order to build cities and countries that, while preserving their respective cultural and religious identity, are open to differences and know how to promote them in the spirit of human fraternity”.[110]

Tuptim: [Looking up....] And there's that word "fraternity" again whatever the pope means by it. But what I found really alarming about this chapter was his talk about globalism and how the only real answer to immigration is through global action. Think about that. How do you come to shared action when you try to cobble together oppressive Communist regimes that treat people like cogs in a wheel and Islamic caliphates that persecute and even behead Christians to solve the world problem of migration. It makes absolutely no sense! And who's in charge of implementing this "global action?" The  U.N.? [Shaking her head...] And then the pope moves on to his regular mantra about the environment and solidarity. 

Topsy: [Shaking her own copy of the document...] I always think I'm reading Democrat talking points when I read a papal document these days: vague, highfalootin' language that often contradicts reality. The pope's solutions are rarely based on Catholic doctrine, but embrace a worldly Utopia out of the socialist playbook. But what's really funny is how he always quotes himself. The footnotes are chock full of his own writing. [She laughs...] Talk about hubris!

Tuptim: Agreed! Listen to this from paragraph 132:

"our response can only be the fruit of a common effort” [113] to develop a form of global governance with regard to movements of migration. Thus, there is “a need for mid-term and long-term planning which is not limited to emergency responses. Such planning should include effective assistance for integrating migrants in their receiving countries, while also promoting the development of their countries of origin through policies inspired by solidarity, yet not linking assistance to ideological strategies and practices alien or contrary to the cultures of the peoples being assisted”

Topsy: Sounds great, but what does it mean? Where's this "common effort" coming from? The United Nations again? Is the pope opposed to "practices alien or contrary to the cultures of peoples" like abortion being foisted on the third world? It's hard to believe he means that when he honors abortionists and puts eugenicists on papal commissions. He's absolutely destroyed the integrity of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Tuptim: He's destroyed a lot of things and given credibility to some of the most evil players on the planet. What do you think of this statement?

We need to attain a global juridical, political and economic order “which can increase and give direction to international cooperation for the development of all peoples in solidarity”.[120] Ultimately, this will benefit the entire world, since “development aid for poor countries” implies “creating wealth for all”.[121]

Topsy: And exactly who will be in charge of implementing this for the "entire world?" Bill Gates and Jeffrey Sachs, two of the biggest population controllers out there? Will they be the ones providing "direction" to the rest of us poor, ignorant hoi polloi?

Tuptim: It was shocking when Sachs was invited to the Vatican. So many evil men and women have been given a bully pulpit at the Vatican. To see them preaching to the world from the center of the Church is horrifying! Their idea of "creating wealth for all" is to eliminate millions, even billions, of the world's population so there will be more for the rich, especially themselves. And of course it won't be they and their elite friends targeted for extinction. It's always the poor in those countries that we don't want more of like Ruth Bader Ginsburg said. Then they have the gall to tell the rest of us we're racists because we resist their genocide against people of all colors. It makes me so angry!

Topsy: This whole chapter made me angry. All the pope's blather about "loving your native land" while he completely ignores the need for managed immigration is just plain hypocritical. You have no native land with open borders. Your country can be transformed overnight into a hodgepodge of disparate communities that share almost nothing. Look at the increasing number of no-go zones in formerly Christian countries being overrun by Muslims who embrace the Koran with its violent messages, its misogyny, and legitimization of persecution of unbelievers. We used to be a melting pot. People came here looking for freedom and wanting to become Americans in the fullest sense of the world. Now many come hating who we are and what we stand for.  They come for free stuff promised by the Democrats who just want their votes and their low-cost servitude. Did you read about ICE intercepting four men on the international terror list coming in over the southern border? 

Tuptim: [nodding...] It's a mess that's for sure! And this document offers no real solutions. It's nothing but pabulum for the people. --nice sounding propaganda filled with sound and fury against anyone who refuses to accept the pope's globalist vision of Utopia. It signifies absolutely nothing.

Topsy: It seemed ironic to me that the chapter ends by talking about neighborly relationships. Really? At a time when neighbors are encourage to spy on and report on their neighbors for the crime of having too many people visiting or not wearing masks. We truly are living in an X-rated fantasy land.

Tuptim: Do you think the document can get any worse? 

Topsy: [shaking her head...] Is the pope Catholic? I think the answer to that is no and Chapter V is likely to continue taking the faith off the rails. This papacy truly is a train wreck!

See Ch. I, Ch. II, and Ch. III

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  1. An accurate analysis of what authentic Catholics know about how the sinister leadership in much of the hierarchy is married to a mixture of oligarchic globalism and atheistic Marxism.