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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Well...We Used to Know We Were Free! If the Biden Administration has their Way our Freedoms are on the Cancel Culture List!

Are you proud to be an American? Are you proud of our boys in blue and the brave Americans who defend us in the armed forces? 
I doubt anyone reading this blog hates America, except a few visiting trolls. But it's time to think of strategies to magnify our patriotic love for our country. Any suggestions? My husband and I start everything with prayer. We need to pray and sacrifice for restoration of our freedoms. We've also decided we need to pay more attention to local politics. We're signing up to be delegates at our GOP state convention. What will you do for our country? If you are busy parents how about teaching your children about our founding documents beginning with the Mayflower Compact. Teach them why George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Mason deserve to be revered. Make the dinner table a history lesson with exciting stories about Paul Revere's midnight ride and George Washington Carver's brilliant agricultural experiments with peanuts that preserved the soil and offered an alternative to King Cotton. There so much wonder and awe in our American story. Let's start teaching it!


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