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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Spy Wednesday: A Reflection from the Past

I'm trying to spend more time in prayer and meditation this week rather than hours on the computer. So I'm linking to a post I did two years ago on Spy Wednesday instead of composing something new.

Spy Wednesday: Did Jesus Love Judas?

 Besides there is "nothing new under the sun" and every minute is "now" with the Lord. This Spy Wednesday takes us on a time machine to all the Spy Wednesdays of the past when we reflect on all our personal betrayals. Let us pray many Acts of Contrition today. I pray that you are having a blessed Holy Week. It's not too late to fertilize the final days of Lent with prayer, sacrifice and meditation for a spiritual growth spurt. My Jesus, I trust in You. Mary, Mother of the Savior, pray for us.

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