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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Kristi Noem Caves on Protecting Girls and Women in Sports: Her Star is Falling!

Well...I watched Kristi Noem on Tucker the other night with my husband. As she blathered on about her "legal experts" my husband's response was, "This is baloney!" I can think of another B-word description but my mom taught me to be a lady so I won't write it, and I'll try not to think it. But I agreed with Larry. It was a politician defending her betrayal with high sounding "baloney." She will have a lot to do to restore her reputation with serious conservatives...if that is even possible. Instead of being a rising star in the GOP, we may be watching the burnout of a fallen star.

Here are a few articles critiquing Noem's actions from legal scholars. Maybe these are the "experts" she should have consulted. 

From the Alliance Defending Freedom:

Alliance Defending Freedom slams Gov. Kristi Noem for vetoing girls' and women's sports bill
The sponsors of the bill and its legislative supporters aren't too happy with Noem either:
SD's Speaker of the House, bill sponsors criticize Gov. Noem's 'style and form' veto of the transgender sports bill
Speaker Gosch: SD Legislators have concerns with transgender girls sports bill veto from Gov. Noem

Noem Misused Her Executive Power 

Representatives from the American Principles Project also condemned Noem's decision:
The Kristi Noem Veto Explained This article is a real eye-opener including the comments.

Sadly Kristi Noem is revealing herself as a typical politician controlled by special interests and willing to abandon principles for pragmatic politics. All it took was the left going after her to show how much backbone she has. I'd say it's a cross between a wet noodle and a reed blowing in the wind. In any case, she is no longer a GOP rising star; she's definitely a falling star and her presidential aspirations are kaput. Can she pull the fat out of the fire? Time will tell.


M. Prodigal said...

I understand she wants some changes to the bill and not that the whole effort is negated.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What she did effectively vetoed the bill. A "style and form" veto is still a veto and many of the legislators are saying that what she recommended was much broader than the meaning of "style and form." The changes she recommended gut the bill. The Family Research Council has an interesting article about it at The article points out that her chief of staff "Tony Venhuizen, is on the board of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce -- one of the groups that lobbied Noem hard to reject the bill."

Another interesting quote:

"the fact that anyone would refuse to sign a bill because it might be challenged in court is absurd. States are sued all the time over legislation. That doesn't mean leaders stop making public policy. It means they do the right thing and trust the rest to the process. That is, after all, one of the reasons Republicans have spent the last 20 years balancing out the courts. If governors like Noem are too scared of the country's judicial system to do their jobs, then what have these last four years accomplished?...

"Regardless, it's not Noem's job to speculate what the courts or the NCAA will do. Her job is to act in the best interest of South Dakotans. "The women's sports fight is not just about women's sports. It's about drawing a line in the sand and taking a firm stand for sanity and the truth, ...

"Now that she's sold out voters to Big Business, Noem says she'll fight by starting a coalition. She wants to persuade people that signing a petition is more effective than signing a law. It isn't."

Noem vetoed the bill and has lost credibility with millions of Americans. If she was planning to run for president in 2024 she gutted her chances along with the bill. We don't need more Republican cowards who bend the knee at the first sign of opposition.

Unknown said...

No surprise. She is in the pocket of Big Business and also doesn't mind having her state be a dumping ground for Illegals. She is cut out of the same cloth as Niki Haley. Sooner or later, all the RINO's are exposed.

Joan Craft said...

The Chamber of Commerce seems to have become one of the most anti-American groups in our country all the while pulling the wool over the eyes of in small towns and cities. People selling their freedom for a Christmas parade!