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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Covid Deception: Be Your Own Health Advocate!

I received the email and articles below from my friend at LifeTree, Elizabeth Wickham. I think it's important for everyone to be their own health advocate. With regard to treatments, I personally experienced the assistance of the Frontline Doctors when I contracted the virus. I believe their assistance and prescription for Ivermectin were an important component in my recovery. Covid is a serious illness but it is no more a death sentence than other virulent viruses. 

And you are not alone in facing this. Be informed. Be smart. And get the help you need from those who are willing to give it unlike quacks like Dr. Anthony Fauci who has offered nothing but lockdowns and triple masking despite knowing how effective HCQ was in treating the SARS virus in 2005. (I guess he has a short memory!)

And now for the valuable information from my friend.

Treatments are Available!
America's Frontline Doctors
Doctors are available to consult with you by phone as well.


A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Dec 2020

From Ron Panzer, founder of Hospice Patients Alliance:

Nobody Can Tell You How Many People Actually Died from COVID! Nobody!

Yes, the numbers have been hyped. The pandemic has been hyped, no question. And hundreds of thousands were made to die around the world all because of an agenda pursued by the ultra wealthy and powerful in the world. It is the time of their "Great Reset."

The World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and even the Leftist Pope Francis are pushing a "new world order." Remember? George H W Bush also often spoke of the New World Order. Now, in our time, they are making it a reality!


Pope Francis Calls for ‘New World Order’ After the Pandemic
by Thomas D Williams, PhD 15 Mar 2021

Were there really 450,000 (plus or minus) COVID deaths in the United States in 2020. Absolutely not!

Maybe there were only 30,000 deaths from COVID only. Who knows for sure? But it certainly wasn't a pandemic worse than the 1957 or 1968 flu pandemics. Maybe there was a lot of flu that was not detected. Maybe there were many deaths caused by patients not being allowed in to get their regular physical examinations and consultations with their doctors. Maybe there were more respiratory and cardiac deaths due to bacterial pneumonia caused by mask mouth, gum disease that spread, and so on.

We know that physicians found very quickly that this COVID syndrome of symptoms was easily cured if treated early on before hospitalization was needed! Physician after physician around the world has found this to be the case!

Just think about the 15,000 that were unnecessarily killed by New York State Governor Cuomo sending infected patients into the nursing homes there. The same thing occurred in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states which would not only result in their needless deaths, but also contribute to tens of thousands more counted as "COVID deaths." They all could have been treated early on and not have died! What a tragedy!

For that matter nobody can tell you how many people really were infected with SARS CoV-2 since the PCR tests were cycled so many times that dead genetic material was amplified so much it is known that that certainly caused a positive result when there wasn't any viable virus at all! Up to 80% or more of these "tests" were false, totally bogus "positives" and were and are cited by serious newscasters saying, "Tonight, the State Health Department reports that the number of new cases of COVID were X and the number of COVID deaths (based on bogus PCR tests) was Y!"

Nonsense! Pure hokum. It's all intended to scare you, me, and everyone else around so that we blindly rush out to get the vaccines. Well, of course, they keep telling you, "The vaccines are safe and effective," but as we've seen, all the literature says that the vaccine benefits and risks to your health are unknown. Unknown!

Well, they had to prohibit the use of any effective treatments for the various symptoms that make up what is called "COVID syndrome." Why? Because if they allowed effective treatments to be used and 99% of the people were cured within one day or two at the most, their "opportunity" for the "Great Reset" would be lost.

You see, it's all been planned long ago that they would use a pandemic in order to impose a more authoritarian global government controlled by the very elites who control the greatest concentration of wealth in the world. Like the kings of old, they plan to rule and they are ruling. Everything is going according to their plan!

In past experiments using coronavirus vaccines, the animals produced excellent antibodies after vaccination, but then later on when exposed to a variant of the virus, the animals died! Well, that wouldn't be a good "selling point" for mandating a COVID vaccine on the public, so they had to use what is called the FDA's "emergency use authorization," which is not in any sense a stamp of approval that the so-called "vaccines" are safe!

The law only allows the FDA to grant emergency use authorization for the "vaccines" if there is NO effective treatment available for the viral infection. That's why they had to trash hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin, or Ivermectin, and several other treatments that have been proved in clinical trials to actually be effective.

No treatments allowed! Dead, killed people welcome! Why? Because then the people would be terrified into taking their "vaccines." Well, some say, "Well, these are vaccines! They're going to save lives."

If they wanted to save lives, they would have been telling all of us what many physicians have been advising us to do from the start: take increased daily doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, a regular dose of Zinc, and maybe add some Green Tea Extract or Quercetin, and Vitamin A and B would be good, also as well as general mineral and vitamin supplements.

Almost everyone who has done this has not gotten ill and those who did get ill and increased these have cured the viral infection at home. That's what they report. And physicians have known about the cures but some State Governors actually forbade the pharmacies from dispensing hydroxychloroquine which has been listed as a World Health Organization verified safe "essential medication" for decades, a medication that all nations should stockpile to have on hand.

They didn't want to save your life and the lives of your loved ones! No! They wanted to make huge profit by selling the vaccines to the governments and to make some change to the people that would be lasting.

Well, some will shout and stamp their feet and scream at you, "You dummy! The mRNA vaccines don't change your DNA!" But if you ask them some other questions about what the mRNA technology was originally designed to do, they will walk away and can't answer the question.

What's the question? It's "Well, if the mRNA vaccines were designed to cure cancer or other diseases permanently, then wouldn't this technology have a permanent effect on how someone's body functions?" The answer is obviously, "Yes!" "That's what they're designed to do!"

Well, if there is a permanent change in how your body functions, then the effects of the mRNA vaccines are not just a temporary "fix" for the viral infection, but make permanent changes in your body. They'll respond and tell you that the mRNA vaccines "only make your body make the SARS CoV-2 spike protein so your body will make antibodies to that and you'll be immune to it."

Well, that may be, but again, what about those animals that all died? How did they die? They developed antibody-dependent enhancement. Since the body is so ready to attack anything that looks like the spike protein, when a similar coronavirus comes in contact with the body, the body overreacts causing a major inflammatory response that is so intense it harms the cells, tissues, and even organs within the body.

Some will die months down the road (not in just a couple of days after vaccination.) Of course, the authorities will call those deaths, "COVID 2021 or COVID 2022 new strain deaths." They will never admit that are large number of people may die and have died from the vaccines that are really gene-therapy injections, not "vaccines."

Not every word in the dictionary has to be re-defined. Some definitions are important. What is a vaccine? "A vaccine is made from very small amounts of weak or dead germs that can cause diseases — for example, viruses, bacteria, or toxins. It prepares your body to fight the disease faster and more effectively so you won’t get sick."

Well, the mRNA "vaccines" don't prevent you from getting sick. They don't prevent transmission, and it is completely unknown (and the manufacturers clearly state this) if these "vaccines" will help you "fight the disease faster." In fact, they say that they don't know what good they will do and what harm they will do. Written in "black and white" as clear as day on the manufacturers' "vaccine" information sheets.

They don't tell the people about those animals that died later on from antibody dependent enhancement. No! If anybody brings it up, they are immediately labelled a "conspiracy nut," "ignorant fool," and "anti-vaxxer" (which is the worst thing they can call you because you will immediately be censored on Youtube and in any other public media format.

The ad hominem attacks on your credibility are immediately effective. Everybody knows to ignore you, because if they listen to you, then they'll also be cancelled!

Well, you may ask again, "Why would they hide this information?" Does billions of dollars in profit seem to be a reasonable explanation why they would hide the dangers of the "vaccines." Might their openly stated agenda of reducing the world population down to 1/7th of what it is today have any bearing on what they are doing?

Might Bill Gates Foundation's investment in several "vaccine" companies be significant, especially since Gates is a long-time depopulationist, as were his politically-connected mother and father?

So, if they really wanted people to either die, or become less fertile, and if the "vaccines" just might have that effect down the road, wouldn't they wish to hide what happened to all those animals who died? Wouldn't they wish to make sure nobody discussed antibody-dependent enhancement (also called pathologic priming)? Wouldn't they assure the public that the "vaccines" were perfectly "safe and effective" as they tell us every night?

Wouldn't they make sure many PCR cycles were used so that many more "positive" test results were obtained to convince everyone how serious COVID was and that so many died "from COVID" rather than from a heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes, COPD, or other leading cause of death.

Nobody can tell you how many people were infected with SARS CoV-2. Nobody! The tests were and are bogus and should never have been used for this purpose.

Nobody can tell you how many people died from COVID and nobody can tell you definitively that SARS CoV-2 actually causes the syndrome called COVID! Nobody!

All the numbers floating around are just hooey, baloney, nonsense, bunkum, and so on ... the numbers are just plain meaningless. That's the basis for this hoax.

It's all been done using false numbers, false fears, withholding effective treatments, punishment of physicians who actually cured their patients and spoke about their cures, separating the people so they can't communicate with each other by socially distancing them all, silencing the people through mask wearing, lowering the people's immunity by forcing them to stay inside or breathe through a mask, discouraging fresh air and common sense, and using the power of the State to destroy the people's livelihoods so more go hungry, more go homeless, more get sick from all other causes.

If anything could be called evil, it would be what they have done and are doing and will do!

As it has been before, the leaders of the nations determine what happens to the people unless the people themselves act to make a difference that matters. That is possible, but it will take great efforts and dedication and our humble and fervent prayers for His mercy.

Please pray for our nation and the people of the world!

Ron P


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