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Friday, March 24, 2023

Are You "In Full Communion with Rome?"

Kennedy Hall has an interesting article on this topic today which set me thinking about it. First of all, what does it mean to be in "full communion" with anyone? Here's the definition and origin of the word communion from etymonline:

late 14c., communioun, "participation in something; that which is common to all; union in religious worship, doctrine, or discipline," from Old French comunion "community, communion" (12c.), from Latin communionem (nominative communio) "fellowship, mutual participation, a sharing," used in Late Latin ecclesiastical language for "participation in the sacrament," from communis "common, general" (see common (adj.)).

Used by Augustine, in belief that the word was derived from com- "with, together" + unus "oneness, union." In English, from mid-15c. as "the sacrament of the Eucharist," from c. 1500 as "act of partaking in the sacrament of the Eucharist." From 1610s as "intercourse between two or more."

I'll focus on communion as: 

  • "union in religious worship, doctrine, or discipline" 
  • Augustine's stress on "oneness, union" 
  • a belief in union especially in "the sacrament of the Eucharist"
Based on this, I propose that there is not a single Catholic, clergy or lay, who is "in full communioin with Rome." How can you be in full communion with the current reality coming out of the formerly described "holy city" which isn't even in union with itself?

There are at least six Pope Francises along with his numerous enablers:
  1. The Francis who makes orthodox statements.
  2. The Francis who makes heterodox statements.
  3. The Francis whose acts are orthodox.
  4. The Francis whose acts are heterodox.
  5. The Francis who upholds canon law.
  6. The Francis who ignores and rewrites canon law.
If we think of this in mental health terms, we can, perhaps, describe the current pope as suffering from multi personality disorder, "a mental health condition" in which "people... have two or more separate personalities. These identities control a person’s behavior at different times." Wow! Does that not sound like dear leader? While the times suffer from chaos and confusion, the voice of the Church keeps pounding the rock into sand with inconsistency, ambiguity, and obfuscation.

How does one explain a pope who asks, "Is it right to hire a hit man to solve a problem?” about abortion while he honors Italy's leading abortionist hit woman? 

How does one make sense of suppressing the Traditional Latin Mass while encouraging indigenous liturgies filled with pagan elements like the Mayan liturgy in Mexico? 

While Catholics these days can hardly be in full communion with the Rome of Pope Francis, we can still be in full communion with the Rome of the fathers and doctors of the Church. Know the faith; keep the faith is the absolute necessity of our day. Read the Catechism of the Council of Trent. Any novelties describing a paradigm shift in our beliefs as Catholics should be immediately relegated to the burn pile. Development of dogma is never a break, but always in continuity with the past. The moves to frequent communion and confession show us development. The move to legitimize same sex marriage shows us rupture.

I pray every day for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We need them more than ever to navigate the troubled waters of the Church crisis. They are the bridge between earth and heaven. Our guardian angels and patron saints, and of course the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, offer firm help to keep our footing on the bridge no matter what the trolls underneath try to do to upset it. Have courage, persevere, and keep the faith!


  1. When folks would say that the SSPX is not in “communion with Rome” I would reply, Good!

    1. I’d amend it to that SSPX is not in communion with modernist Rome.