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Monday, March 27, 2023

Bishop Schneider Answers Questions about the SSPX and the Traditional Latin Mass

It's all about the salvation of souls and their spiritual good. 
Bishop Schneider clearly teaches through a question and answer session, making a distinction between adherence to the deposit of the faith which is essential to identify one as Catholic and practices which are not. The ordination of the bishops by the Society without a mandate from the pope is not essential to the deposit of the faith. What is essential is to accept all the dogma and to pray for the pope and the bishop at the Mass. For the entire first millennium of the Church, the pope was not involved in naming the bishops. He was informed after the fact by the local Churches. The practice has changed, but it is not essential. What is essential is the deposit of the faith taught by Scripture and Sacred Tradition and the acceptance of the primacy of the pope. That does not mean accepting everything the pope says or does. Bishop Schneider also reiterates the crisis situation of the Church today. You'd have to be deaf, dumb, and bling to deny we're in crisis.

Personally, I believe the upcoming synod will not only magnify awareness of the crisis and identify the true schismatics in the Church, but also show who continues to adhere to the deposit of the faith in its entirety. 

May God shower us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit as we struggle through the deep mud of the deep Church. 

Let us pray every day for the pope and for our local bishops. The pope and many bishops are leading the faithful to doubt the unchanging dogmas of the Catholic Church. If their scandal is correct it means that the Church has been teaching error for thousands of years only to be finally corrected in the past few decades. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE! The Church is indefectible; she cannot err. Popes and bishops, on the other hand, have often erred. The heresies were almost all led by bishops! 

Know the faith; defend the faith. Pray for courageous prelates like Bishop Schneider who fear God more than they fear the slings and arrows of men. Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for him and for all good bishops walking faithfully in the footsteps of the apostles.

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