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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

We're Going to Have a Multipolar World Unless We Blow It Up

Twenty minutes on how to be an economic and political grown up.



  1. Jeffrey Sachs as an economic and political grown up? Not even close.

    For starters, the entire premise upon which Sachs is commenting is false, and so just about everything that follows from it is false.

    The US has not been operating on the so-called resurrected neo-con US uber alles mentality since around 2015 as Sachs states. This is the straw man foundation for the rest of the conversation between Sachs and his fellow travelers. In fact, the entire premise is absurd, especially since it was President Trump who reached out to China, Russia, and everybody else in terms of improving relationships and expanding economic growth across the world. Note that no credit is given to Trump for this, and instead he is lumped in with the false narrative of "since 2015....” .

    Sachs is, however, correct in pointing out that Biden has not, apparently, reached out to Putin, but this is not based on neo-con philosophy, especially since the Biden family has enjoyed many ties with China for too many years, and trade with China is still growing. These facts must have slipped Sachs' mind, right? Biden is nowhere near being a neo-con. He is a liberal with many socialist tendencies.

    Next, the US is not trying to curtail China’s economic growth. Conveniently left out of Sachs' presentation regarding the semi-conductor chip issue is the following: There are legitimate national security concerns involved, but Sachs et al., with their heads firmly in the sand, simply dismiss such concerns as much ado about nothing, and so the narrative put forth is how “unfair” the US will be if it holds back on some things that can be very problematic not only for the US but the world itself.

    Also left out of Sachs’ narrative is the reality of how China steals US technology, how it is buying up US lands, and so on.

    Also note the following about Sachs. He supports the following:

    Population Control
    Greater Access to Abortion
    Greater Access to Contraception
    Greater Government Intervention in the Economy and People's Lives in general. Sachs is a Keynesian economist.

    Sachs is also a colleague of, and has enjoyed support from George Soros in furthering World Economic Forum Goals that include the malevolent "Great Reset."

    Sachs supported Socialist Bernie Sanders for President.

    Sachs is a big-time believer in hysterical environmentalism.

    Sachs has advised Pope Francis on economics and the environment, and it is easy to see his malevolent influence on some of Francis's views on the environment, and his false caricature and criticisms of Western society and capitalism.

    When Covid-19 emerged, Sachs gladly accepted the Chinese explanation of the origin arising from a animal, etc. He eventually came to accept the lab leak explanation, BUT, in support of China, he now suggests that the virus likely came from an American laboratory despite no evidence in support of this claim.

    When recently asked about civil rights abuses of various ethnic groups in China by the government, Sachs refused to acknowledge them and instead spoke about many human rights abuses perpetrated by the US.

    In sum, the video presentation is despicable since it is based on intentionally false narratives and purposeful mischaracterizations to criticize primarily the US. It sets up many straw men to knock down and appear to be presenting a hopeful vision (socialist-communist) for the world, and simply gaslights the listeners/watchers by repeating the lie that "the US is employing a 'neo-con' approach," which is absurd, but it will indeed fool many, just like other false narratives do the same when listeners gullibly accept the false narratives that propagandists rely upon to promote their agendas.

    Jeffrey Sachs is a committed liberal-socialist who promotes many immoral ideologies and practices. His claims and declarations should be looked at with a very critical and skeptical eye, and he should not be praised or lionized in any way.

  2. DB has said much of what I wanted to point out, and more succinctly than I could have.

    There is a trad Catholic author, Stephen Mosher, who has lived in China, speaks several dialects, and points out the sharp differences between China and the US in his book, The Bully of China. John Pillsbury wrote The Hundred Years War, also about China's plans. There is a strong difference between Western thought and China's philosophies. The US originally based it's philosophy on Christian culture. As we grow more distant from that, we become a less tolerable country.

    I am very much in favor of the US minding its business regarding Russia. The whole NATO thing has passed its 'Sell By' date. But we don't need Jeffrey Sachs telling us about what we should do. It would be in the world's best interest to leave other countries deciding their own governments. Then we can chose to have friendly relations with those who are not antagonistic toward us, and we also should not be antagonistic toward other nations. I basically agree with Donald Trump's attitude toward world politics. I do not think the situation should be treated like a high school football game: 'We're Number One'. We should be judged on our examples of good governance. We're far from that right now.

  3. The discussion among Mercouris, Sachs and Deisen is not political per se but economic in that the world is changing economically due to the fact of the failed sanctions placed on Russia by the Collective West. The 10+ packages of sanctions against Russia failed since Russia's economy is fine (stop listening to the MSM) while economies of the Collective West are in danger of collapsing. (Biden's latest lie after the SVB failure - "Nothing to worry about. The banks are in fine shape.")

    The US led Western vision of ruining Russia economically in order to gain regime change to get a pro-Western Russian leader (the whole reason for the West's proxy war in Ukraine) is so that the West can plunder Russia's vast wealth of oil, gas, minerals, etc. As said in the video, Putin would deal in the USD but due to the sanctions, he cannot. As a result, Putin and Xi naturally band together to trade in yuan and rubles and form BRICS - because the rest of the 85% of the world is sick of the US and EU Deep State Collective West - roughly 15% of the world - bullying them. It's time for a regime change in the US.

  4. I have been pro-Russia since before that war broke out. I know that the financial world is changing. I just don't trust Jeffrey Sachs to position himself in the middle of the change. He has spent way too many years with the WEF and the UN, etc, for me to find much that is positive in his position. I can't help but be suspicious of him.

  5. To Susan M.

    I can appreciate your effort to try to rescue your article in praise of nutjob Sachs et al., but their entire video is based on false premises that you sadly accept and also push. What follows, then, are a few bullet points that, even if they cannot penetrate your 'Sachs et al. are real adults on such things' groupie-type adoration, others will gain better insights based on facts and rational explanations that obliterate the Sachs et al. propaganda.

    .Failed sanctions on Russia have not changed the world economically. This is laughably absurd. International trade continues, and economies of the world have not changed their overall economic activities because of failed sanctions on Russia. Belly laugh time.

    .Stop listening to the MSM. Agreed, especially since the MSM supports the economic policies of Sachs, Soros, et al.

    .Are the economies of the West in danger of collapsing? Unlikely at this time, but if they do, it has nothing to do with failed sanctions on Russia. Moreover, since international trade is widespread, if the Western economies collapse, Russia's economy, China's economy, and all other economies will collapse as well. This is a basic fact due to the ever-increasing interdependence of the world's economies. Also, China has provided economic relief to Russia to help counter the sanctions.

    .Your first sentence of your second paragraph left out part of the conspiracy theory pushed by Sachs et al. that the US is leading the world toward environmental disaster. :-)

    .Russia produces about 12% of the world's gas and oil. It ranks third behind the US and Saudia Arabia. The US, prior to the ban, imported 8% of oil and gas from Russia, but it only accounted for 2% of the entire US oil and gas supply. The claim of pushing regime change to plunder Russia is ludicrous, and it leaves out the most ludicrous aspect of it: Who except yahoo propagandists like Sachs et al. and fellow travelers would fail to realize that, being a nuclear power, any new leader of Russia would not simply allow other countries to come in and plunder it of its resources if it attempted to do so. Time for another belly laugh. Make it two more.

    . You write "the rest of the 85% of the world is sick of the US and EU Deep State Collective West - roughly 15% of the world - bullying them. It's time for a regime change in the US."

    More of the Sachs' anti-US/anti-West propaganda based on irrational projection. Sachs' see the US as a bully, and so he ascribes this attitude to other parts of the world as do many anti-US/anti-West propagandists - the Great Reset Yahoos in general. The 85% claim looks like more projection of anti-US/anti-West propaganda, because the percentage is pure fantasy. Did you make up this percentage?

    .Indeed, your last paragraph smacks of your own anti-US/anti-West mentality you wish to claim for others as well, which is based in large part on liberal wokeism and false historical narratives. Plenty of sins to go around and not be denied or glossed over, but the exaggeration of such and intentional failure to provide a complete picture is extremely sinful, and this is what people like Sachs have done repeatedly.

  6. I'm not fond of Jeffrey Sachs either however in the economic realm he's more knowledgeable than I am therefore I can listen to what he says. Having my own brain, I can decide to agree or not. There are also two other people in the video that no one has commented on and with whom Sachs is merely supporting the claim that the economic world is changing. Meanwhile, what needs to change is the US hegemonic Biden regime.

  7. Yes, I am anti-Deep State run US where LGBTQ and transgender ideology wickedness are top priority in the White House. Where the president, Joe Biden, jokes about the killing of small children in school shootings, where he can't wait to kill more unborn human beings. What an evil man. May God's justice be done to him. If that is America, then God Bless Russia.

  8. Hi, Susan: Just a bit more food for thought for you and others.

    1. Prior to Joe Biden's gradual move over the years from moderate liberal to liberal to woke liberal, he was marginally pro-life while Jeffrey Sachs has always been pro-abortion, and part of his economic policies include population control through contraception and abortion. Wacko environmentalism and other nonsense also permeate his economics. If as you say for Biden, "What an evil man," Sachs is at least equally "evil" if not more so.

    2. We all use our brains much better when we don't simply "like what we hear" and get duped in the process by a propagandist's false premises and mischaracterizations based on ideology and not objective facts. This is what all three of the stooges you hyped as providing an adult conversation about economics presented, and giving Sachs or anyone else a willing ear just because of their credentials is foolhardy (the fallacy of credentialism), and you already know this when you encounter and rightly reject all of those PhDs pushing CRT, "transgenderism," and so on, but in this case you let Sachs et al. sweep you off your feet with their "adult conversation."

    3. Imagine what your assessment of the video might have been if you took a little bit of time to look into the backgrounds and agendas of the 3 amigos instead of just accepting their claims and lavishing unwarranted praise on them. You might have spotted some of the flaws in their presentation in knowing the proverbial "where they are coming from," especially since at least Sachs has made his views known in public for some 30-plus years.

    4. Look up or review the basic agenda of the Great Reset, and note that Sachs is a big-time supporter, and, again, the Great Reset ideology is part and parcel of his interventionist Keynesian and Socialist economics that continue to cause much harm wherever they are put into practice.

    Omnia Vincit Veritas

  9. DB,
    Thank you for your comment however I KNOW all of that. I didn't just blithely post a video without understanding what is being talked about or the people involved in the conversation.

    You seem unable to understand that the conversation in the video isn't ABOUT Sachs' politics or economics. The conversation is about the END OF UNIPOLARLARITY and the BEGINNING of MULTIPOLARITY. Therefore you might need to catch up a bit on news happening in the rest of the world outside of the lying MSM before lecturing me again.

  10. Oh my.

    Sorry, but it is you who do not understand. The whole notion of “the end of unipolarity and the beginning of multipolarity” is part of the underlying secular globalist agenda of Sachs et al. that you are oblivious to, and capitalizing the letters does not add anything but online screaming.

    Bottom line as stated in my first comment: The premises of the video are wrong across the board. Sachs and his boys have been anti-West globalists for years, and they favor the significant diminution of the US and the West because they can't stand the best traditions of Western politics and economics that champion freedom and liberty, traditional Western morality, and so on, and you just can't see this because you are mesmerized by the video attacks on Biden regarding Ukraine and Russia and the bogus extrapolation made by Sachs et al. to attack the US and West in general.

    However, Biden is actually doing much of the bidding of Sachs et al. by kowtowing repeatedly to China and willingly giving up more and more good Western values, especially those that coincide with traditional Catholicism. Sachs is a supporter of China, and so he favors the US and the West losing its legitimate influence and inspiration to all when it champions freedom, liberty, individual rights vs the state, etc., and he is simply promoting the goals of the malevolent Great Reset. He and Soros have been working to undermine the West for some 30-plus years, and it is not based on honorable motives. Yet in one of your comments, you chimed right in and repeated "The West is bad and exploitative bullies" hogwash that left wing yahoos have been pushing for 60 plus years. You also made up a bogus percentage in order to push the false narrative.

    Now to be sure, way too many people in the West are helping to expedite the destruction of the West based on the garbage that they are now advocating and practicing that does not represent the best traditions of the West, and this just makes the desires of Sachs, Soros, and fellow travelers easier to accomplish.

    Book Recommendations for Anyone Interested in a Deeper and More Honest Understanding that Acknowledges the Warts of the West, but also Recognizes the Goodness of the West, and how the destruction of the best of the West as advocated by the likes of Sachs et al. will continue to cause ever greater harm to the world:

    "The War on the West" by Douglas Murray
    "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas E. Woods
    "America: Imagine a World Without Her" by Dinesh D'Souza

    For a substantial period of time, the traditional West that promoted what was known as Western Moral and Political Values gave hope to all peoples of the world seeking their own individual freedom that included the freedom to worship and not be controlled by their totalitarian governments. In the 1980s, Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan worked together to help make greater freedom available to more people while those on the left condemned such actions as exploitative. Sound familiar? Of course as the Western influence grew, the enemies of the West also grew, and in the last half century or so, the enemies of the West have inexorably pounded away at the West, and to help accomplish its demise, the enemies have corrupted much of the West from within. People like George Soros, Jeffrey Sachs, Klaus Schwab, and gullible fellow travelers continue their mission to destroy the West and Western traditions in order to impose more totalitarian governments on as many people as they can throughout the world.

    Indeed, take a hard look at what the destruction of good Western values and practices has wrought over just the past 10 years or so, while people like Jeffrey Sachs applaud as they continue to push for more Western destruction by presenting the false narrative of exploitation and the need for the West to give up its good values to recognize “multipolarity” and bow at its godless altar.

  11. "Traditional Western Morality"....hahaha....I stopped there. No need to read the rest. The globalist West spreads LGBT (in that internet screaming?), transgenderism, male to male anal intercourse, lesbian to lesbian whatever they do, abortion, euthanasia and now war in Ukraine and regime changes around the world as their "Western values". The US is a society of confused citizens because what was once traditional morality was swept aside for the filth and bullying that the globalists for years and now the Biden Democrat White House pursues.

    I've got to go to work. I have no time to read the rest of your long comment.

  12. There was a time when "traditional Western morality" gave us the best in architecture, art, music, literature, etc. Sadly, that seems to be in our past. But honestly, Susan, isn't Sachs part of the problem? I didn't watch the video so maybe my comment is ignorant. A person who is a known "enemy" can often state something true that is surprising. I think of Bill Maher and Piers Morgan for example. Even a broken clock, as they say, is right twice a day.

  13. Watch the video. It isn't about Sachs at all.

  14. To Mary Ann Kreitzer:

    Alas, SM is in denial and over her head, so it's a waste of time dealing with her any further on this matter since facts and rational argument are beyond her. However, you have demonstrated significant insights and a better understanding, and my critique of the video is accurate, yet SM remains mesmerized by the false narrative that she obviously adopts as well. This is why she even lied about certain things, made up false percentages, and so on to also pile on the "evil West." So be it.

    I have been aware of Sachs the economic socialist and left wing radical for over 25 years when I began my own career as a college professor of economics, and he is most dishonorable. You are indeed also on target in recognizing this, and the video merely presents a variation on a theme he has been pushing for many years that doesn't have a leg to stand on. See all of my comments that point out the numerous flaws, and unlike SM, take some time to do some additional research into Sachs himself beyond what you already know, and you will clearly see the bogus motivation behind his remarks in the propaganda video that are also echoed by his fellow travelers in the video.

    Also pick up any or all of the three books I recommend to see in greater depth what some refuse to see.

    Lastly, your first sentence in your most recent comment about traditional Western morality is spot on, but note the following: people like Sachs et al. continue to pound away at what remains of traditional Western morality, and they do not want to see it revived. However, good people in the West are starting to push back with more force against the attack on traditional Western morality, and they are working to restore it. Sadly, extremely ignorant people unjustly tie in the increase in immorality and attacks on objective truth that have taken place within Western society over the past many years as just another part of traditional Western morality. It's like saying the malevolent attacks on the traditions of the Catholic Church in recent years are part of the traditions of the Church. Both claims are completely absurd.

    Neither I nor you, nor other intelligent people of good will defend the immorality currently infecting the West, and you and I et al. understand what is meant by traditional Western morality, so we don't obtusely claim that what is going on today is part of traditional Western morality. Sachs et al., in his economic propaganda, opposes traditional Western morality. He favors abortion, population control, "transgender" nonsense, claims of systemic racism, the Great Reset, and socialism in terms of economics and politics, and an element of socialism punctuated by a trumped up charge against his straw man version of the West (to even suggest that super liberal Biden et al. are following a neo-conservative playbook is laughably absurd) is what he pushes in the video that can indeed fool many people who also drink similar Kool-aid and gullibly accept what Sachs shovels.

    So take heart and don't give up on traditional Western morality while lamenting the significant weakening it has undergone. Join me and others of good will fighting to defend and restore it, primarily as it has been best developed via Catholic teaching, and in this fight be sure to oppose all those who oppose traditional Western morality and continue to attack the West in Jeffrey Sachs and his fellow travelers.

    Omnia Vincit Veritas

  15. Thank you for your comments, DB. I agree with you about Western Civilization which gave us the best of so much which the modern world is tearing down and throwing down the memory hole. As an English major who loved Shakespeare, Chaucer, Marlowe, Milton, Lewis, Chesterton, etc. I especially lament the gutting of English departments which have become hell holes of iniquity.

    I have to take issue, however, with you calling Susan a liar. She and I are both fallible and can be mistaken in our opinions, but we both try very hard to speak the truth. We don't always agree; do any two people? But she is not a liar and I can't let that stand without a response.

    I still haven't watched the video and probably won't, because I have so many other irons in the fire. I beg all our readers to pray for us and I assure you of my prayers as well, especially during the Easter Triduum.

    May we all meet merrily in heaven one day.

  16. DB,

    I'm sending your latest comment privately to Susan; I will not post it. I can't agree that you did not call her a liar. As far as I'm concerned if you say someone is lying, that's calling her a liar.

    What's Webster's definition?

    Liar: a person who tells lies.

    Wordnik's definition is longer:

    One that tells lies.
    One who lies; a person who knowingly utters falsehood; one who deceives by false report or representation.
    A person who knowingly utters falsehood; one who lies.

  17. DB,

    I guess I should have said I disagree that Susan lied in the first place. People can disagree without what they said being a lie. I considered your comment uncharitable and a public humiiiation. That's why I didn't print it. Matthew 18:15-17

    You obviously have more time to spend on this than I do. It's Holy Week and this is my last comment. I'm shutting down the thread.